Synamax, who we reported on a while back, is an indie composer who has been dedicated to one thing lately: deconstructing the music of the Metroid Prime series. During his investigation, he was able to uncover that series composer Kenji Yamamoto used a sample CD called Uncivilised G’rooves as a base for nearly all of the sound design for the music of Prime 1 and Prime 2.


Ever diligent, the remixer put his skills to the test and flawlessly recreated the Torvus Bog theme from Prime 2 in its entirety. That was the last straw for Nintendo, unfortunately. Their legal rep contacted the YouTuber and asked him to take down the content including the recreation track and several other remixes, citing he would need “compulsory licenses” to upload the tracks on his channel.

In the video above, Synamax explains the situation, but after this, he is no longer interested in anything Nintendo-related and seems to be washing his hands of the company once and for all. We don’t blame you dude – this kind of corporate bullying is very petty, even from them. Synamax in no way makes money off this and he never planned to. All he wanted to do is educate and preserve, also pointing out the fact that Nintendo missed their chance releasing Prime 2 & 3’s soundtracks officially. Guess Nintendo really hates that kind of thing?


Anyway, working with him directly, we’re now hosting .mp3 and .flac files of the track. You can find it here. You can also download a video version of the track featuring a visualizer of when each sample plays. Enjoy.

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