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N A R P A S   S W O R D 0
0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 0 0
This is the infamous, “NAR” password which starts you at the beginning of the game and gives Samus a full arsenal, as well as unlimited missiles and energy. This code was found to be hard-coded into the game, likely as a debug and not removed before the game’s release. The meaning of “NAR” is also up for grabs, although one plausible theory says that it’s short for T(ohru) Narihiro, the programmer credited for the NES conversion of the game — since the original Japanese Famicom version had a save game system rather than a password feature, chances are good that Narahiro is the one who programmed it, and may have put in this debug mode himself. Others claim that NAR could stand for “North American Release.” Unless we can talk to one of the original team members, guess we’ll never know. Until then, you can enjoy this password which enables you to blaze through the game from start to finish in about 15 minutes — all you need to do is go kill Kraid and Ridley and then head to Tourian, and it’s hello bikini ending!

K t j – t P   P j – m S 3
– – y 0 0 0   0 0 y 0 0 a
This could be considered the best password in the game. It gives you all items, full missiles and starts you at the beginning of Tourian with no time on the clock. You don’t even have to kill Mother Brain – just make your way through the Metroids and Rinkas. All the Zebetites are gone, too.

Change the S to an U and the last 0 to a 2 to play as suitless Samus.

K t j – t P   P j – m C 3
– – y 0 0 0   0 0 y 0 0 W
Same as the above password, but Mother Brain must be destroyed first to win.

J U S T I N   B A I L E Y
– – – – – –   – – – – – –
ITEMS: Morph Ball, Long Beam, Bomb, High Jump Boots, Varia, Wave Beam, Screw Attack
Maybe one of the most famous passwords of all time, the Justin Bailey password has become synonymous with depictions of suitless Samus from Metroid 1. This includes green hair and a magenta leotard and boots, with her arm cannon covering her right forearm. Little do they know that Samus is really a brunette (See the following password)! This password will also start you at the Norfair elevator.

For an alternative version of this code, enter 6 dashes and 6 zeros on the second line.

0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 2 0
0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 2 0
ITEMS: none
This will allow you to start the game as suitless Samus with no other equipment.

J U S T I N   B A I L E Y
4 p S 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 1 U
ITEMS: Morph Ball, Bombs, High Jump Boots
This code is more superior than the “vanilla” Justin Bailey code above because it starts your game with 0 time on the clock! It just might not be as memorable. You start in Kraid. No Varia though – you still have to acquire it! When you reach Mother Brain’s Lair, three Zebetites are already destroyed, too.

g u n p e i   y o k o i ?
X 1 1 1 1 1   X X X X X X
ITEMS: Long Beam
Mr. Yokoi’s secret code drops you in Norfair, armored, with no ball, and not the greatest ending if you finish. Good luck: High Jump Boots and Varia don’t exist, either.

M E T R O I   D N I N T E
N D O c 1 9   8 6 ? ? y a
ITEMS: Morph Ball, Bombs, High Jump Boots, Varia, Screw Attack, Ice Beam
Starts you in Ridley’s Lair, suitless. Kraid’s dead along with three Zebetites pre-destroyed.

9 9 9 9 9 9   9 9 9 9 9 9
K K K K K K   K K K K K K
ITEMS: Bomb, Wave Beam, Screw Attack
In the game that this code throws you into, you start in Ridley and there is the following strange stuff:

  • No, that’s not a typo, you have Bombs but you have to get the Morph Ball!
  • The Varia does not exist, so you better be good!
  • Kraid is dead
  • The Mother Brain is not there when you get there!! Just the message telling you that you must escape…but there is no time limit!

B B B B B B   B B B B B B
B B B B B B   R A A A A R
ITEMS: Morph Ball, Bombs, Screw Attack, High Jump, Ice Beam, Wave Beam
Starts you in Kraid’s Lair, suitless. Ridley’s dead along with two Zebetites pre-destroyed. This password also sets the clock to ~101 years, so don’t think you’ll be getting the best ending.

X X X X X X   X X X X X X
K K K K K K   K K K K K K
ITEMS: none
This has gotta be the most useless code ever! You are basically stuck. It starts you in Tourian as the armorless Samus equipped with nothing! No Varia, no special items, not even the morph ball. You literally can’t do anything, because if you try to enter Tourian you’ll get killed by Metroids in about half a second, and if you go up the elevator you can’t get out because you don’t have the ball. Still, it’s funny…

X X g X X X   X X X X – X
M G K M M M   G K K K K g
ITEMS: Morph Ball, Long Beam, Ice Beam
MDb Challenge #1. Difficulty: HARD!

Start in Tourian. High Jump Boots don’t exist.

X X 3 0 V X   X X X X X X
o G G I M L   G K G K M 6
ITEMS: Morph Ball, Screw Attack
MDb Challenge #2. Difficulty: SUPER HARD!

Start in Kraid. High Jump Boots don’t exist, but hey at least you got Screw Attack!

0 0 0 8 G M   W 0 1 G 0 0
0 1 X Z 4 G   L 0 0 1 Y V
ITEMS: Morph Ball, Bombs
MISSILES: 5 starting, 2 tanks
MDb Challenge #3. Difficulty: ULTRA HARD!

Start in Tourian. High Jump Boots, Varia Suit and Screw Attack are not available in the game.