Fan Fiction

Stories based in the Metroid universe written by some literary visionaries of Samus fandom. Note: The Metroid Database takes no responsibility for the contents, formatting, file compatibility, or spelling/grammar/readability of any of these pieces of fiction.

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Title/Author/Chapters Format
The Kihunters by John Morey
Chapters 1-5 .txt
Chapters 6-10
Chapters 11-15
Chapters 16-20
Chapters 21-24
The Species by Charles Chiarelli
Chapters 1-7 .txt
The Big Comeback by Stormeagle
Chapters 1-2 .txt
Hardware by TJ Rappel
Chapter 1 .txt
The Brain by Johnathan Holmes
Chapters 1-5 .txt
Chapters 6-8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Aran by John C. Purvis
Chapter 1 Wordpad .doc
Where No One Can Hear You Scream by E.SainT
Chapter 1 .txt
Tourian: Samus’ Last Battle by JJ Ukil
Full Story .txt
The Final Hunt by Devin Monnens
Full Story Wordpad .doc
Rise From Darkness by Samus Belmont
Full Story Wordpad .doc
Metroid Mercenaries by Koto K.
Chapters 1-5 Wordpad .doc
Chapters 6-11
Samus’s Eternal Struggle by Incarnate Evil
Chapters 1-5 .txt
Short Stories by Jason Brown
SamusNightmares Wordpad .doc
Samus and the Metroid Larva
Samus and Ridley
Samus and the Mother Brain
Samus Poem by Chris J. Gray
Poem Wordpad .doc
Alternatives by K8 M
Full Story Wordpad .doc
Arm Cannon Mechanics by Chris J. Gray
Technical Document Wordpad .doc
Metroid Resurrection by Mr. Manguy
Chapters 1-3 Wordpad .doc
Chapter 4
SR388: The Prequel by Frodude1989
Prologue Wordpad .doc
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Legacy of the Space Pirates by Jake Ballenfield
Chapter 1 Wordpad .doc
The Metroid Story by DeathJake34
Chapters 1-3 .txt
The Metroid X by Jake Ballenfield
Prologue Wordpad .doc
Short Stories by Kitt
Checkmate Wordpad .doc
Hard of the Heart
Hunter’s Dawn by Andrew
Chapters 1-4 Wordpad .doc
The Kraid and Ridley Show by Xenolord
Episode 1 Wordpad .doc
Episode 2
Attack of the Rippers by Kraid Raid
Chapters 1-6 Wordpad .doc
Chapters 7-12
Chapters 13-16
The Huntress by XGieGieX
Prequel – Uprising Wordpad .doc
Part I – A Hunter’s Vengeance
Part II – Halfblood
Part III – Resurrection
Part IV – Awakening
Part V – Emulation
Part VI – Revelation
The Worm by John Roach
Chapters 1-6 Wordpad .doc
Power Suit Mechanics by Ian Shultzaberger
Technical Document Wordpad .doc
Metroid: Almost Genocide by Shabadage
Full Story Wordpad .doc
The Best There Is by Insomniac by Choice
Part I – The Best There Is Wordpad .doc
An Objective History of the Galactic Federation
Part II – The Best There Was
A History of the Planet Zebes
Part III – The Best There Will Be
Part III – The Best There Will Be, Continued
Part IV – Mother
Part V – Ye Mighty
Part VI – And Despair
An Admission of Defeat
The Hatchling by Eyes 5
Chapters 1-3 Wordpad .doc
Chapters 4-7
Destiny by Doug Lynn
Poem Wordpad .doc
Introspections by J. Rolande
Short Story Collection Wordpad .doc
Super Metroid 10th Anniversary by Insomniac by Choice
Mockumentary Wordpad .doc
Metroid: Trials by Survival by James Hightower
Introduction Wordpad .doc
See You Next Mission by Insomniac by Choice and Kefkafloyd
Episode 1 – Green (Part 1) Wordpad .doc
Episode 2 – Green (Part 2)
Episode 3 – Envy
Episode 4 – Black Cat Blitz
Episode 5 – Blue
The Big Appendix
Angseth by Cheshire Kat
Chapter 1 Wordpad .doc
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Absolution by Adam Marx
Short Story Wordpad .doc
Short Stories by G3Rain1
Fused Wordpad .doc
Metroid Tech Discussion
Blood of the Chozo by Nintendo Power Source
Zip of All Documents ZIP
00 – MDb Intro Wordpad .doc
01 – Nintendo Power Article
02 – The First Post
03 – Description of Guilds
04 – The Rebellion
05 – The Rebellion (Dark Panda’s Posts)
06 – The Rebellion (Cerberus)
07 – Sybern’s Story
08 – The Battle of Mor 1
09 – The Battle of Mor 2
10 – The Battle of Mor 3
11 – The Battle of Mor 4
12 – The Battle of Scylla
13 – Oralus’s Story
14 – Jaime Wolf’s Story
15 – Krynn’s Story
16 – Mara’s Story
17 – The Overdog
18 – Original MIFF Data
One Girl in All the World by Aleclom
Full Story Wordpad .doc
Full Story Office ’07 .docx
One Girl… by George Rainone
Intro Wordpad .rtf
Ghosts of the Past
Learning to Fly – Part 1
Learning to Fly – Part 2
Huntress – Part 1
Huntress – Part 2
Augmented by Richard Jenkins
Prologue Wordpad .doc
Chapter 1 – Backwater
Chapter 2 – Hunter
Chapter 3 – Pirates
Chapter 4 – Particles
Chapter 5 – Clouds
Chapter 6 – Destruction
Chapter 7 – Regeneration
Metroid: Rebirth by Spherber24
Chapter 1 Wordpad .doc
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Sylux by Sylux
Fairy Tale – Full Story Wordpad .rtf
The Tide – Full Story Wordpad .rtf