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Fan For Life 2.0

Our tattoo archive lives again! Here is where we immortalize those Metroid fans that have taken the ultimate plunge and earned their title as a Fan For Life!

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Developer Profile: Yoshio Sakamoto

For an in-depth look at the man who breathed life into Samus and her subsequent alien worlds, please check out this feature on Nintendo Director Yoshio Sakamoto. Written exclusively for the Metroid Database by former editor Captain Commando. (Note: Credits at the bottom of the article have been updated)


Cameos & References

It’s back! Our exhaustive list of Metroid and Samus references in other games has returned to the Metroid Database. (We will be continuously updating this with new ones from the last 5 years, so please have some patience until then!)

1996 – Present


Released on Christmas Eve 2018, our former staff member Capcom created a playable game based off the Japanese text adventure game novel, Metoroido: Zeebesu shin’nyu shirei, which roughly translates as “Metroid: Zebes Incursion Directive.” He localized and programmed the entire game, and it’s available to play, exclusively through our site.

Twine is a platform that allows you to easily create text-based adventure games and this was a perfect way of allowing modern audiences to experience this long lost piece of Metroid history.


Memetroid Contest

The #Memetroid Contest is as follows: Create a Metroid-themed or inspired meme. This contest ran from 12/25/2017 – 1/27/2018. See all the winners and entries!


Super Metroid Strategy Guide Interview (Translation)

From the Japanese Super Metroid Strategy Guide, take a journey with us back to 1994 and read this incredible, one-of-a-kind interview with the development team of Super Metroid. This is a relic not to be missed!


Fortune Teller Yuko Ariadne

Also from the Japanese Super Metroid Strategy Guide, Samus’s strange dreams are read by famous Japanese fortune teller, Yuko Ariadne. A very entertaining and interesting read for any Metroid fan!


Iwata Asks: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Another exclusive translation for the Metroid Database. This time we bring you this long-lost Iwata Asks interview, originally released on February 29, 2008 on the official Japanese Nintendo website. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata discusses the ins and outs of Metroid Prime 3’s Japanese development with Producers Kensuke Tanabe and Risa Tabata.


Metroid Saga Timeline

This awesome Metroid Saga timeline was a beautiful collaboration between our own CapCom and Infinity’s End. If you’ve ever wondered what or when something happened in the Metroid series, this in-depth analysis and timeline graphics will tell you everything you want to know!


Nintendo Dream Developer Interview

Originally published in Nintendo Dream in 2003 and then later placed on the official Japanese Prime and Fusion website, it is the MDb’s exclusive translation of this interview with Metroid Chief Director Yoshio Sakamoto, Co-Producer Kensuke Tanabe, and music composer Kenji Yamamoto.


Metroid 64 Unveiled!

Metroid 64, aka the “Holy Grail of Gaming” has finally been found! It was the one game we never got to play on the Nintendo 64, but always wished we had, and now it’s been found! …Well, sorta 😉 April 1st exclusive right here on the Metroid Database!


True 3-D Figure Reviews, Part 1

This series is a culmination of figure reviews from over the years started by TJ and carried on by different staff such as CapCom, silvernite8 (guest editor), and Infinity’s End for various Samus figures they’ve acquired.

2003 – 2010

True 3-D Figure Reviews, Part 2

Part two of the figure reviews done by our staff here at the Database.


Interview With Doctor Octoroc

A super cool interview with awesome artist known as Doctor Octoroc. They talk on their process, their arts, video games, Metroid and much more. A fascinating read for any fan artist.


Exclusive Interview With Dan Owsen

“The last metroid is in captivity… The galaxy is at peace.” This is a seriously awesome interview done by TJ back in the late 90s with none other than NOA’s legendary translator and localization manager, as well as the voice of peace in Super Metroid, Dan Owsen!