First news of the morning! Nintendo announced a brand new game in the Paper Mario franchise, Paper Mario: The Origami King. Watch the trailer below and stay all the way til the end.

You’ll notice there’s a big ol’ Metroid reference where Samus’s helmet falls on Mario’s head. A lot of rumors mulling about with this seemingly random cameo. People have stated online that this confirms that Nintendo has been creating a Metroid Fusion remake (assumedly for Switch). We don’t like to post a lot of rumors on this site very often, but all we can say is don’t believe it until it happens.

It’s-a me…Samus?

The second bit of news is we have been shared this awesome metal-style remix of Metroid Prime’s opening title theme c/o musician Adrien Gonzales. This track uses the actual samples from the game. Oh how I wish it was barely longer than a minute!

Check out more of Adrien’s work at his Bandcamp. Thanks for sharing, Adrien!


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