Hey folks, we’re proud to announce an exclusive promotional announcement! We are fortunate to announce a new podcast called the Omega Metroid Podcast, produced by Zelda Dungeon‘s Andy Spiteri with co-hostย Dakota Lasky.

The crew promises to release the podcast in regular, weekly episodes – every Tuesday. While this first episode doesn’t go too deep beyond some high-level introductory stuff, I do believe it has a lot of potential. Note that we are not producing this show, but we do intend on being on the show at some point in the near future.

Thanks to Andy and his co-host Dak for reaching out to us about this and we wish them the best of luck in their future eps. Next week’s topic: Metroid Prime 4 predictions! Check it out on Podbean by clicking the above banner.

Official Press Release:

Introducing the Omega Metroid Podcast – the first weekly show on the internet dedicated to all things Metroid! Join hosts Andy Spiteri and Dakota “The Rapture” Lasky as every week, they dive into a different topic surrounding the series. Everything from in-game lore to real world situations surrounding the Metroid series and Nintendo, to news and announcements will be covered in this new show; serving both as a retrospective and forward looking Metroid show, the podcast will bring you unique insight and perspective from two long time Metroid fans.
Produced and hosted by Andy Spiteri, the Omega Metroid Podcast will serve as a sister show to Zelda Dungeon’s Zelda podcast, The Champions’ Cast. Spiteri has been hosting The Champions’ Cast for two years now, turning it into one of the biggest Zelda podcasts in the world, while simultaneously serving as Zelda Dungeon’s Editor-In-Chief, responsible for all the content and creative direction of the website. Hoping to give back to a community which at times has seemed underserved, Spiteri wanted to bring a similar style of fun, insight, and thought provoking to the Omega Metroid Podcast as he did with The Champions’ Cast.


To this end, his teaming up with Lasky was the perfect way to make this happen.


Dakota โ€œThe Raptureโ€ Lasky brings his vibrant personality known to esports fans from his broadcasting in Smash Bros. and Overwatch to the Omega Metroid Podcast. Seasoned both in front of a camera streaming or behind a camera offering color commentary and analysis, Rapture never shies away from giving his opinions on anything and everything, from Ridley to Other M. Rapture brings the perfect blend of Metroid knowledge and passion to compliment Spiteri, and the chemistry between them was instant and obvious to both.


The Omega Metroid Podcast launches on March 3rd and is available on Podbean, iTunes, and most other major podcast apps! Subscribe over at https://omegametroid.podbean.com on Podbean and https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/omega-metroid-podcast/id1500697965 on iTunes and follow on Twitter for the latest updates over at https://twitter.com/omegametroidpod .