While there was no Metroid Prime 4 in sight, this was still a great Direct for Nintendo fans and fans of the Switch. We were treated to new footage of upcoming games such as: Link’s Awakening, Dragon Quest XI (with a 16-bit graphics option!), Luigi’s Mansion 3, Platinum Games’ Astral Chain, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and surprisingly, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Alien Isolation will both be making their appearance on the Switch.


Panzer Dragoon (YES! You read correctly!) made a surprise debut as a Switch title as well. Panzer Dragoon and its sequel were confirmed to be in development since December 2018, but until now, we didn’t have any information as to which platform they were being made for. The game is a remake of the original Sega Saturn classic and we’re hoping it sells well to give Sega incentive to remake Panzer Dragoon Saga, let us dream!!!

No More Heroes 3 was also teased with a trailer showing Travis Touchdown going against some space aliens in his very own mech-suit, not sure if this is hinting at gameplay, or if it was just a joke for the teaser. Thirty eight minutes into the Direct and rabid Smash Bros Fans were granted their wishes with Banjo Kazooie’s debut as a playable character. The Direct closed up with footage of the long-awaited Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch and a Breath of the Wild 2 teaser trailer letting us know production on the title has already begun.


Oh, and new amiibos have been revealed today! Here’s our fave of the bunch:

The cute Link amiibo will release September 20, 2019 (to coincide with the release of Link’s Awakening on Switch) and Simon Belmont will release this November.


Dark Samus and the Richter Belmont are scheduled for a 2020 release.


What did you think of the Direct? What game are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!