If you’ve been following our social media pages closely, you’re probably already quite familiar with our new pins, which drop through our store today! These pins have been a VERY long time coming – since November of last year is when I started collaborating behind the scenes with badass swag designer Beast Wreck on them. There’s something about Beast Wreck’s style that really captivated me, and I believed he was the only person who could realize my vision. After the designs were completed, I then had to wait a full two months to get them back from China (btw, ALL enamel pins are made in China, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

Trust me when I say I am more than enthused to allow you to buy them. But don’t wait. I only had 100 made of each design.

We hope you appreciate these pins as much as I do – I am beyond satisfied with how they turned out. They came out more beautiful than I could imagine. Photos truly don’t do them justice. The polished black nickel that they’re made out of needs to be seen with your own eyes in a way that normal photos just can’t capture.

As always, we deeply appreciate your generosity and support of our website. Head on over to the Metroid Database Store to see the pins. As of this writing, we have stock of everything else in our store still available, so while you’re there, get some other stuff too! See you next mission!