Resetera forum user ColligeΒ has created an HD Texture pack, via A.I. neural network program ESRGAN, that retexturizes the entire GameCube (GameID GM8E01) version of Metroid Prime for the PC Dolphin emulator.

As you can see below, the results are amazing!



Before the HD Texture Pack:

HD Texture Pack Applied:

HD Texture Pack in action:


According to, HD Pack creator, Collige:

This is for the Gamecube version (GameID GM8E01), not Metroid Prime Trilogy. This retextures virtually the entire game. There’s about 7000 textures upscaled with ESRGAN (manga109 model) and an additional 2000 upscaled with waifu2x-caffe (UpRGB model).


Some useful links below, for the interested:


Dolphin Emulator FAQ:


Texture Pak download link (1.80GB):!GUEhAaDC!knvXl6CAG14rwCqZ94A2XEEFBq12ih-nIinkQqzrhos


How to install texture packs:



Remember, this is ONLY for the PC Gamecube/Wii emulator Dolphin. Also, this texture pack WILL NOT work on Metroid Prime Trilogy.