Finally, it’s here. The full scan of Metroid Mission Logs, which is the title of the art book that came with Metroid Dread Special Edition, is available on our site. This 192-page book is an amazing trip down memory lane, as well as a close look into the concept art behind MercurySteam’s incredible Metroid Dread. Their concept artists are incredibly talented and this book is a testament to all of the hard work that was put into the game.


Sadly, the book doesn’t contain all of the classic key art that was released over the last 35 years. Notably missing is a bunch of stuff from Zero Mission – Mother Brain, Ridley, Ridley Robot, King Worm, Mua, the 3 forms of Kiru Giru, the Ruins test, the Chozo tribes art, and worst of all, absolutely NO Zero Suit Samus! Not a single image of her in the entire book. It’s kind of baffling, honestly.


Maybe some of you have seen other scans of this art book floating elsewhere around the internet. I’ve seen one scan myself and I can’t say I enjoyed looking at it, the scan quality was…subpar, to say the least. Settle for nothing less. It took me a while since I scanned it at 600dpi and then cleaned up and adjusted the levels for each page, one at a time. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!


Download by clicking the cover image below: (125MB, .pdf)