We’ve been getting a lot of questions and it seems Metroid HD has confused a lot of you. So to help, we’ve compiled a list of questions we’ve been getting lately about this hack.

Q: What is Metroid HD?

A: Metroid HD is, at its core, Metroid 1, as in the actual NES game. I can’t express this enough: it is Metroid 1. However, playing the ROM through a special emulator called Mesen and a “HD” texture pack, it allows you “skin” the game with updated graphics and sound. The hack was created by a guy who goes by Aclectico.



Q:  Can I play this on my Everdrive?

A: I guess you didn’t read the first question. The game can be played exclusively through a PC, Windows or Linux-based emulator called Mesen.



Q: Seriously though, I want this on my Everdrive!

A: No, until Everdrive gives you the ability to add skins to games (pretty unlikely), you’re just out of luck on that.



Q: So how do I play this? Where can I get it?

A: The game patch can be downloaded through this forum thread on Romhacking.net.



Q: I don’t know a lot about emulation or have any ROMs. Can you help me?

A: The staff Metroid Database will not assist anyone with the usage, support, or sharing of any files related with Metroid ROMs or emulators.



Q: How do I find the ROM? Give me the link!

A: Google is your friend.



Q: Help, I’m getting an error. Which ROM works with this patch?

A: I had success with a Metroid ROM that was labeled Metroid (U) (PRG0) [!].nes.



Q: Wait a sec – this is completely different than NEStroid! You start with 99 health, there’s save files, updated bosses, wavy-ice beam, and a map!

A: That’s correct. The game was based off another hack called Metroid mOTHER. (This is a hack that I had a hand in helping create) The hack was taken and built on top of, and the result helped Metroid HD become the best game it could be. A lot of hackers work this way – building off of other people’s work. It’s a big collaborative effort that everyone does in their spare time.



Q: So… isn’t this basically just Metroid Zero Mission?

A: No, again, I guess you didn’t read the first question. And also – have you even PLAYED Metroid Zero Mission? MZM is a radically different game than Metroid 1 – There’s way more bosses, completely altered map design, more weapons and power ups, an entire segment where you play as Zero Suit Samus in the Space Pirate ship, extremely refined gameplay… I could go on.



Q: So… isn’t this basically Super Metroid?

A: See the answer to the previous questions.



Q: So – I think I got it. It’s Metroid 1 with a graphics skin, and minor improvements that help make the game be a little bit more accessible to modern audiences. Did I get it?

A: Yes, chum I think you got it!

Here’s some screenshots that I took from my stream yesterday. You gotta play it if you want to see the unspoilered version! Enjoy, good luck, and see you next mission!