During a livestream on the Japanese-only MaxFactory YouTube channel yesterday, they announced the preorder date for new Samus Aran Metroid Dread version Figma that all of us have been drooling over this past year: Tuesday, September 27th. We can see that she’ll come packaged with her special Omega Cannon which I am extremely happy about. I hope she does come with a few more accessories this time around, too.

Please note these images are screengrabs from a YouTube video.

You can watch the original stream here. (If the jump doesn’t work, the announcement happens at ~1:10:14)


As for exactly where to preorder, since it hasn’t been exactly revealed when the product will be released in the west, you’ll need to go through a Japanese figurine exporter. Personally I like to use Amiami, but there are many others like Hobby-Genki or Anime Export. I can’t recommend one over the other – you’ll need to shop around on your own!


Like all of you, I can’t wait to get this incredible figure in my hands.

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