Over the last 2+ months, well-known NES scene hacker infidelity has worked tirelessly to create this incredible, perfect port of Metroid to SNES. This isn’t just a vanilla port though, no – infidelity has gone way above and beyond the call of duty. I personally helped infidelity by creating special sprites for Samus, as he has utilized the extra VRAM in the SNES to allow Samus to have two unique sides – something the developers had originally intended to have from the get-go.

2-sided Justin Bailey Samus required extensive sprite additions.

He has also retained the original Famicom Disk System 3-slot save system that only Zelda fans were privy to at the time, as well as giving players the ability to use M1’s diverse password system. All working perfectly.


The number next to your name is a death counter.

When you die, you are given the ability to save your file, even if you’re using a password.

It’s an incredible port, and if you have the ability to do it, I highly recommend you give it a try. Big thanks to infidelity and I was super honored to be able to contribute to this port, something I consider to be a historical event in the world of Metroid.

And finally, the coup de grace:

Using the power of the MSU-1, this port offers 4 different soundtracks that you can choose before booting into the game:

Metroid 1 NTSC, Metroid 1 FDS, Metroid Zero Mission, and the arranged score by VG Music Revisited.

Get the rom here. (260MB)

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