This morning (5am EST) Max Factory’s promotional live stream covering their upcoming products showed off printed photos of the upcoming EMMI Figma action figure. The Figma is to scale, meaning it is much larger than the Samus Figma, which was listed at 6.29in (160mm). If my Japanese is right, the EMMI stands at well over 200mm (~8in.)


The EMMI itself has tons of moving parts, including four individual hinges for each one of its claws, extensions on its forearms and calves, foldable limbs, working leg cylinders, and replaceable heads. It’s so large that they have to package it with a custom “X” stand, which is much more sturdy than normal Figma stands.


At the end of the presentation, they very non-chalantly pull the Dread Samus Figma on-screen, and for some reason, my mouth began to salivate. Can’t wait until the end of the year when it’s supposed to deliver.


The good stuff starts at 00:55:30

My Japanese isn’t good enough to notice whether they mentioned any kind of release date, so stay tuned.


If you’re not interested in listening to two Japanese men talk about it for 12 minutes, feel free to take a look at these screenshots:


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