First 4 Figures flies into 2019 by announcing pre-orders for their massive polyresin Metroid Prime based Meta-Ridley statue will go up starting Friday January 18th after their weekly Q&A session.  Meta-Ridley was first teased December 2016 when the statue was still in 3D development and now, after 2 years, it is finally ready for prime time.  Alex Davis of F4F provided a short 43 second teaser trailer (see below) which provides a brief close in fly up of the statue.  Since the original tease, Alex has warned consumers that this statue is going to be expensive.  How expensive?  That won’t be known until pre-orders go up on the 18th.  Based on this statues size and level of detail, expect to see this statue hit wallets hard by falling into the $800 – $1000 price range.  If the price doesn’t deter you, then his massive size may.


While official dimensions have not been been announced, a teaser picture acquired shows that Meta-Ridley will be at least TWICE as tall as Light Suit Samus.  According to the website, Light Suit Samus sits at 20″ tall meaning that Meta-Ridley will likely top the height chart at around 40″.  That, is a lot of Ridley and a lot of real estate to take up in a collection.  During the Q&A session, Alex has stated that he intended to scale Meta-Ridley to fit in with his 1/6 Metroid Prime series.  While scaled to match the OG suits, this iteration of Meta-Ridley is not intended to continue First 4 Figures 1/6 scale Metroid Prime line, instead it has been announced that Meta-Ridley will be the first in First 4 Figures “Metroid Villains” line.  No indication as to what future villains will make an appearance but we know Alex has mentioned wanting to do a Metroid (the creature) at some point and has even informed the First 4 Figure community that he has one ‘in the vault’ (the place where dead or canceled projects go).  This is the same vault that Meta-Ridley came out of and the one that currently holds Trace and Sylux statues that were up for pre-order in the past before the line was cancelled.


Pre-orders are scheduled to begin after the Q&A session on January 18th.  The stream starts at 9:00AM Eastern and orders open at the completion of the stream.  Keep an eye to our Facebook page for updates on when pre-orders go live.