Reece of Kiwi Talkz is back once again with a former lead developer of the Prime series. This time it’s Richard Vorodi, a man who was responsible for the design and story of Metroid Prime Hunters. Richard’s AAA game dev career is very high caliber, starting him at NST, and later going to Vigil (Darksiders, Darksiders II) Crytek USA, and is now working for Gunfire Games (Darksiders III, Remnant, Chronos).


The interview is enthralling and Mr. Vorodi shows he is a man who is immensely positive and optimistic about his job and the industry in general. Another wonderful podcast to listen to.



You may also notice a stunning sketch of Samus behind Richard as he conducts the interview. Keen eyes will recognize this was drawn by Tomoyoshi Yamane, a lead designer/artist in the world of Metroid who’s been working on the series since M2RoS.

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