UPDATE 1/22/2022: Kiwi Talkz has released a new podcast with one of the senior gameplay programmers of Prime 1 & 2, David “Zoid” Kirsch!

In case you missed ’em. Kiwi Talkz is a New Zealand-based interview podcast dedicated to game industry professionals. Reece has interviewed five ex-Retro Studios employees thus far, all having worked on Prime Trilogy titles in the past. If you’re into podcasts, insight on game development, and Metroid, these are definitely for you.


Those interviewed:

  • Mike Wikan – Design Lead for MPT
  • Bryan Walker, Senior Producer, MPT
  • Clark Wen, Sound design for Prime
  • Kynan Pearson, Design lead for Prime 2
  • Jack Matthews, Engineering lead for MPT


Playlist is found here.

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