Well not really, but this eye-opening interview with Synamax – the sleuth who figured out nearly every sample used on the Prime soundtracks – shows how some samples were taken almost in-tact and were then crafted into what we know as the bgm for the Prime games.

This isn’t a new thing – composers do it all the time – but it might take a little bit away from the “magic” and “artistry” that we give to master composer Yamamoto-san. Synamax believes “there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.” And I concur. In the music world, samples are a tool. The extent of how you use those tools determines how we should judge the art.

Both Kiwi Talkz and Synamax prove themselves to be huge Metroid fans and the interview is a fantastic watch/listen if you’re interested in hearing about a breakdown of the game’s iconic soundtrack. Do not miss!

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