A special thank you to @superstupidy for bringing these stunning Metroid: Zero Mission comics to our attention.

Created by artist ChannelX3r0, Planet Zebes is brought to life with a kinetic art style that screams action on every page.


Below is a few select pages (there’s 4 comics total!), make sure to click on the pictures to zoom in and see all the awesome detail.


ChannelX3r0 said:

I have been a big fan of Metroid and video games in general for years. Metroid has been a huge influence, thanks to its music, atmosphere, and all around world. I’d often play the Tallon Overworld music on my walks to and from school, down in Texas, during the rainy season, and Phendrana Drifts during winter.


Another influence was I watched too many cartoons as a kid, especially Saturday Morning toons. My goal is to make the Saturday cartoons I wanted as a kid, via comics, and Metroid was one of them.


I hope you enjoy what little I have produced, and to stay tuned for more.


We sure will! Make sure to visit channelxero.com to read the rest of the comics and give him a watch/follow on DeviantArt. Keep up the awesome work!