Dion, a hobbyist sculptor living in central Texas, was kind enough to allow me to visit his home and take photos of this beautiful Queen sculpture he made. Inspired by both Other M and Samus Returns, Dion recongized the lack of an official Queen statue, so he created his own.

  • The full diorama dimensions are 19″ x 8″ x 9″ (48 x 20 x 23cm).
  • Samus is 3.5″
  • Starship is 8″

The Queen features a light-up morph ball within its belly, representing when Samus Power Bombs it in the epic battle within both Metroid Samus Returns and Metroid Other M. The lower jaw also opens and closes. Dion also sculpted Samus’s classic gunship and mounted it on a Starlink controller chassy. Until some modder comes along, it’s the only way we’ll ever get Samus into Starlink!

Enjoy the gallery of this awesome creation!


Once agan I’d like to thank Dion for his generosity in allowing me to view his artwork. Dion goes by @ninsonyfan on Twitter.

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