This weekend in Japan is SmileFest 2022, a festival which allows toy manufacturer GoodSmile to show off all its upcoming lines of new products. Two of them are from Metroid Dread – Power Suit Samus and the EMMI. The EMMI is not painted yet but both action figures look incredibly accurate to their game iterations:

These are currently the only images that are available online.


If you’re unsure where to buy, I personally use a website called which allows you to get these highly sought-after Japanese action figures. I would also like to remind you that Nintendo did bring over the other two Samus Figmas to North America so it’s incredibly likely they’ll bring Dread Samus & EMMI over here as well. As far as pricing goes, nothing has been announced, but it’s likely Samus will retail ~$70-80 and the EMMI will be $120-140. (Don’t quote me on that!)





In other news, today is the 36th Anniversary of Metroid 1’s release in Japan. Here’s a copy/paste of the statement I made about Metroid on our social media sites:

Happy 36th anniversary to Metroid, the game that started it all!
It’s very telling about Nintendo’s marketing budget priorities at the time when you compare these two TV commercials. The North American version basically shows a kid in a chair with some very low budget special effects, your standard “let’s get kids excited” VO, and only lasts 13 seconds. The Japanese version features great sfx, a person in a game-accurate M1 Samus costume surfing on a giant FDS cartridge, with a robotic voiceover. And shows tons of game footage. Lasts 30 seconds.
M1 may not look like much by today’s standards, but if you give it some time, the game is truly an enjoyable one. I highly recommend those who haven’t beat Metroid on NES to go and try it. Yes, it’s difficult – especially knowing that if you die you restart with 30 health. There are alternatives to make the game less demanding.
1. Use NARPASSWORD 000000 000000 to give you infinite health and all the weapons at start. You can then breeze through the game without any problems.
2. If you have the Online Subscription on Switch, you can rewind time on their NES offering, so it may make the game a little less frustrating but still get the feeling of the game’s challenge.
3. There are also hacks people have made (including yours truly) which allow the game to be enjoyed and be accessible without ruining the overall experience.
Here’s to 36 more years of Metroid!

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