For the most part, I do think annual celebrations of game releases is a tad bit pretentious, especially when it comes to an entire website dedicated to the franchise, but here we are. Today (well, technically yesterday in Japan) we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Metroid‘s release.

Metroidvanias today are all the rage. I think this year alone, we’ve had at least 5 or more AAA Metroidvanias released. Two of them I am extremely excited to play – Prince of Persia the Lost Crown and ULTROS.


But I digress. Back to celebrating Super.  How to celebrate? You could actually sit down and play Super Metroid.

There are a ton of ways you can play Super Metroid:


  • Play an actual game cartridge on a SNES or use a SupaBoy if you want to go portable.
  • Play it on Wii Virtual Console
  • Play it on Wii U Virtual Console
  • Play it on Switch SNES service
  • Play it on a New 3DS
  • Play it on a SNES Mini console
  • Play it on an emulator (there’s plenty to choose from – bSNES, SNES9X, ZSNES, MESEN, RetroArch)
  • And many other ways if you’re clever enough to know how.

Or if you’re not in a gaming mood, watch this commercial:

Or you could watch this promo video that the commercial was cut from and we offer the exclusive translation for:

Or you could watch this fantastic 14 minute documentary on the game’s development history by Jordan A.H.:

Or continue to RT/share our social media content. It’s up to you.


Anyway, yay, 30 years of Super Metroid. I love it, you love it, we all love it. Don’t stop loving it, and keep telling people it’s the best……cuz it is.



Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to doing my taxes.

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