Nintendo Dream Developer Interview

This interview originally appeared in Nintendo Dream vol. 85 (March 2003), but was republished on the official Metroid Prime & Fusion website in their interview section in collaboration with Nintendo Dream. These interviews have never been translated until now, and are available exclusively at the Metroid Database!

Developer Interview Metroid is released after nine years! This time we have an exclusive interview with the developers about Metroid’s inside story and the secret history of its creation!
  • Differences with the US Versions
  • What is Metroid?
  • Metroid's Sound
  • Development Secrets?
  • Message!

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Sakamoto In the original Metroid game, we told a story without words, and although that’s why we kindly requested that the player understand the story, it is very hard to request the same thing today. I can assure that with Fusion we have lifted the embargo on giving exposition with words. I even allowed the player to change the difficulty settings and took care in making the game balanced. So, I want first-time players to play it to the end. Of course, I don’t think I did anything to betray the expectations of fans of the series.
Tanabe Since Prime is so filled with messages, I don’t want players to just clear the game, I want them to read it. Moreover, since it’s after release date, I think you should also please play Fusion, connect it with Prime, and enjoy the source of these games, the [Famicom] Disk version of Metroid.
Yamamoto Regarding the Prime sound screen, I want you to play using Dolby Pro Logic Stereo. With Japan, I think there are very few homes with a surround sound environment, but they are quite ordinary in American homes. Actually, try it with surround sound, and you’ll feel afraid when you encounter enemies and really feel as if you have become Samus. So please give it a try if you can.