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Super Metroid Complete FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Nintendo (SNES)


Version 2.1 (Last updated 10/16/2017)


Written by Falcon Zero (

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Copyright (c) 2003 Falcon Zero.


-=> T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s <=-


| – – 1.0) Introduction – – – – – |

| 1.1) Updates – – – – |

| 1.2) The Story So Far… – – – |

| 1.3) Take Control – – |

| – – 2.0) Obstacles – – |

| 2.1) Doors – – |

| 2.2) Other Obstacles – – |

| – – 3.0) Power-up Locations – – |

| 3.1) Samus’ Upgrades – – |

| 3.2) Missile Locations – – |

| 3.3) Super Missile Locations – – |

| 3.4) Power Bomb Locations – – |

| 3.5) Energy Tank Locations – – |

| 3.6) Reserve Tank Locations – – |

| – – 4.0) Bosses Guide – – |

| – – 5.0) Walkthrough – – |

| 5.1) Space Station Ceres – – |

| 5.2) Planet Zebes – – |

| 5.3) Intruder Alert – – |

| 5.4) The Journey to Brinstar – – |

| 5.5) Digging Deeper – – |

| 5.6) Into the Fire – – |

| 5.7) The Haunted Ship – – |

| 5.8) Dive into the Deep Blue – – |

| 5.9) A Journey to the Center of Zebes – – |

| 5.10) The Final Confrontation – – |

| 5.11) Finale – – |

| – – 6.0) Secrets & Tips – – – |

| – – 7.0) Reader Tips – – – – |

| – – 8.0) Contacting the Author – – – – – |

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Super Metroid is a cross between a platform and role playing game made exclusively for the Super Nintendo (SNES). The game chronicles intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran’s battles against the Space Pirates – a band of aliens bent on causing devastation and destruction on galactic civilization.


.:———————(1.1 UPDATES)————————————:.

Version 2.1 10/16/2017

– Formatted for the new Metroid Database site by Ryan


Version 2.02 11/17/03

– Thanks to Metroid Player I’ve fixed up a small part of the walkthrough where I skipped a room in Brinstar (the long green corridor before the giant orange shaft) in 5.5.


Version 2.01 11/13/03

– Added some reader tips (see section 7.0), people can now submit any worthwhile tips they think can add to the game’s strategies. Also gave the guide a new title banner :P.


Version 2.00 01/30/03

– After playing through SM for about the hundreth time, I managed to find (with a lot of chance involved) a way to get both missiles no. 7 and 8 in Crateria (the room with the two missiles and the crumbling blocks leading down to them) without having to go back around for the second one. I’ve also briefly updated Phantoon’s boss strategies. So here we have a revised version 2.0 (I doubt there’ll be another version, unless I find out something else by chance).


Version 1.00 01/17/03

– First version of this guide includes general information, locations of Samus’ upgrade items, locations of all Missiles, Super Missiles, etc., boss guides, a complete walkthrough and several secrets and tips. This guide is pretty much complete, so you should have everything you need right here to beat the game successfully.


.:———————(1.2 THE STORY SO FAR…)————————:.


Samus Aran, the most famous and successful bounty hunter in the history of galactic civilization, has battled against the Metroids many times in the past. The Metroids, a parasitic life-form, had the ability of draining energy from any life-form, rendering their victims dead. Not long after the Galactic Federation discovered the Metroids on planet SR388, a group of evil beings known as the Space Pirates stole several Metroids and began to use them to attack civilization from their headquarter planet Zebes.


Samus’ adventure began when she landed on Zebes, intent on destroying the Space Pirates and eliminating their leader, the Mother Brain, to stop their evil plans concerning the Metroids. After battling her way through the planet, Samus found and defeated the Mother Brain, but not before facing several Metroids that nearly killed her.


Not long after the first defeat of the Space Pirates, the Federation deemed the Metroids too dangerous to exist and sent a group of soldiers to SR388 to exterminate the Metroid population there. After contact was lost with the Federation team sent to the planet, Samus was sent there to finish their job. With difficulty, Samus proceeded deep into the planet’s crust and eradicated the Metroids hidden throughout the planet, before facing and defeating the gigantic Metroid Queen. Just before leaving the planet, Samus came across a Metroid hatchling, which upon hatching began to follow Samus as though she were it’s mother. Delivering the Metroid to the Ceres research station, Samus left to find a new adventure, but before long she received a distress signal from the station…


.:———————(1.3 TAKE CONTROL)——————————-:.


In this game you’ll take control of Samus as she battles her way through Zebes to find and rescue the Metroid hatchling before the Space Pirates can use it as a weapon. You’ll be facing deadly enemies and huge bosses, but hidden power-ups riddled throughout Zebes will help Samus on her path to victory. Samus’ power suit can be enhanced once special upgrades are located, she can gain new energy beams, missiles, bombs, suits and a range of other special abilities. Below is a list of the default controls, which can be changed to suit your own style in the Controller settings menu.


You direct Samus around with the Directional Pad, you can also aim her arm cannon in any of the eight main directions while moving.



|X Button | Fire Samus’ arm cannon. Once you find the Charge Beam upgrade, |

| | you can hold down X to charge up a stronger shot. |

| | |

|A Button | Jump up. If you press left or right before jumping Samus will |

| | perform a somersault in the air. Once you find the Space Jump |

| | upgrade you can repeatedly press A with timing to continually |

| | jump through the air. |

| | |

|B Button | Dash. This will initially make Samus run faster than normal, |

| | and once you find the Speed Booster upgrade Samus will run |

| | extremely fast once you hold down the B button long enough. |

| | |

|Y Button | Cancel current weapon/item. When you select to use a special |

| | weapon/item (missile, super missile, etc.) press Y to return |

| | back to Samus’ arm cannon. |

| | |

|R Button | Angle up. This will cause Samus to point her arm cannon in a |

| | diagonal upward position. (Press both L + R to point straight |

| | up.) |

| | |

|L Button | Angle down. This will cause Samus to point her arm cannon in a |

| | diagonal downward position. |

| | |

|Start | Bring up the map screen. While in the map screen, you can |

| | press R to display Samus’ power-ups. |

| | |

|Select | Select a different item/weapon, including missiles and power |

| | bombs. |







Throughout the underground mazes of Zebes, you’ll encounter a number of obstacles in the form of complicated terrain, but the main form of obstacles you’ll encounter are a multitude of doors designed to keep Samus out of secure areas. Most doors can be opened by firing different types of projectiles at them.


.:———————-(2.1 DOORS)————————————-:.


Blue Doors – The most common type of doors found on Zebes, just shoot these with any beam weapon or missile to open it.


Purple Doors – These can be broken open with five missiles or a single super missile.


Green Doors – Fire a single super missile at these doors to open them.


Yellow Doors – Detonate a single power bomb while in range of these doors to open them.


Metal Doors – These indestructible doors can only be opened once they begin flashing. You’ll have to defeat certain enemies nearby or complete a certain objective to cause the door to flash.


Guard Doors – You’ll encounter these doors just outside boss rooms. When you walk near them, an eye in the door will open and fire energy balls at Samus. Blast the eye with missiles or super missiles to destroy the door.


Blue – To open these doors, shoot the blue panel with any beam Shutters weapon to open the shutter.


Green – Shoot the green panel with a single super missile to open Shutters the shutter.


.:———————(2.2 OTHER OBSTACLES)—————————-:.


Crumbling Blocks – When you step on these blocks, they’ll break away and you’ll fall below. Once you pass through the blocks, they’ll reform and you won’t be able to destroy them without stepping on them again.


Hook Blocks – You can fire the Grappling Beam at these blocks to swing from them to reach higher platforms.


Crumbling Hook Blocks – You can grab onto these blocks with the Grappling Beam, but they’ll break after a few seconds, so you’ll need to swing off from them quickly to avoid falling.


Speed Blocks – These blocks will have an arrow pointing to the left on Booster them, the only way to break through them is to run or jump through them while the Speed Booster is active.


Cracked Blocks – You can break through these blocks by firing at them with any weapon.


Super Missile Blocks – Break through the blocks with the super missile image on them by firing a single super missile at them.


Power Bomb Blocks – Blocks with an image of a power bomb on them can be destroyed by setting off a power bomb.






A large range of weapons and upgrades are hidden throughout Zebes waiting for Samus to find and use them. Listed below are all the power-ups in the game, what they do and where to find them. Most of the upgrades found in the game will be contained in small balls held by Chozo statues, break the ball open when you find one with any weapon to reveal the upgrade. Many upgrades will also be hidden within the terrain and obscured by walls, ceilings and floors, so you’ll have to keep your eyes open to find them all. Keep in mind that on the Samus power-up screen (press Start then R) you can turn on or off any upgrade ability by pressing A while the ability is highlighted.


.:———————(3.1 SAMUS’ UPGRADES)—————————-:.


>>>Charge Beam


-Description: The Charge Beam allows you to hold down the fire button to charge up a stronger beam attack. If you hold down the fire button and perform a somersault jump while the beam is charged, you’ll perform a simple Screw Attack-type attack, any enemy that strikes Samus will take damage.


-Area: Brinstar


-Location: Once you reach the large pink room in Brinstar with the falling snowflakes in the background (the room where the top right door leads to Spore Spawn’s room) go down to the very bottom left corner of the room (you’ll also find a missile there) and bomb open the two small blocks side by side. Go down through the opening to find the Chozo statue holding the Charge Beam.




-Description: The Spazer Beam allows Samus to fire out three wide-angled beams which will cause much more damage to enemies than her standard beam.


-Area: Brinstar


-Location: In Brinstar, go to the room to the left of the underwater Maridia area (the room with the two claws that lash out and grab Samus). Go to the far left of the room and shoot the cracked block above. Jump up through the hole to the ledge above, if you have the Hi-Jump Boots you’ll make the jump easily, otherwise just somersault off the wall on the left and jump up to reach the platform. Go through the narrow tunnel above to find a green door on the right. Blow the door open with a Super Missile to find the room with the Spazer upgrade.


>>>Ice Beam


-Description: This beam allows Samus to freeze smaller enemies to use them as stepping-stones. Once an enemy is frozen, a second shot will unfreeze or destroy them.


-Area: Norfair


-Location: From the entrance of Norfair, head through the first door on the left further down the shaft. Run past all the closing shutters with the Speed Booster until you reach the far left of the room. Head through the door there and cross the lava pits in the next room. The next room will have a large shaft leading up, head up to the top while avoiding the fire- breathing heads on the walls. On the way up you should spot a small opening on the right where a few small enemies come through, that’s where you need to get to. Once at the top, bomb out the small platform in front of the door to drop down to the small opening in the wall. Activate the morphing ball, then drop down the hole and hold right to sneak into the opening. Head through the door on the right to find the Ice Beam.


>>>Wave Beam


-Description: The Wave Beam will enable Samus’ energy beam shots to fly forward in a twirling cylindrical fashion, the beam can also penetrate any floors, walls or ceilings.


-Area: Norfair


-Location: You’ll first need to have the Grappling Beam before you can find this. In Nofair, from the main elevator go through the first door on the right down below. Keep heading right through all the huge lava caverns and you’ll reach a large room full of green terrain. On the right side of the room are two doors, you’ll need to get through the lower one of the two, but you might have to go around below to reach it, or you can try to use the Grappling Beam to reach the opening above where the red creature that spits spines is. On the other side of the door is a shaft leading down full of the red bouncing balls and the enemies that jump up out of the ground. Two doors lead off on the right side of the shaft, go through the top one and you’ll find yourself in another large chamber full of the floating platforms that lower down when you stand on them. Traverse the platforms to the right and you’ll reach a shutter. Hit the blue switch to open the shutter and jump up to the ledge to find a missile waiting there. Keep going right and use the Grappling Beam to cross the chasm, then head through the door on the other side to claim the Wave Beam.


>>>Plasma Beam


-Description: The Plasma Beam is the strongest beam weapon available to Samus and can destroy most smaller enemies while causing heavy damage to larger ones. Keep in mind that when in use, the Plasma Beam can’t be used together with the Spazer Beam.


-Area: Maridia


-Location: You’ll only be able to reach the Plasma Beam once you’ve finished off Draygon (see the bosses section). Once you’ve dealt with him and claimed the Space Jump, go way back to the first large cavern room you found on the way from the main elevator (it’s the huge room with the door leading down to the massive vertical pipe that takes you down to the lower levels of Maridia). Once back in that room, go to the very top right corner of the room and you should notice a door below on a platform that you can’t reach if you just drop down from above (this door used to be the metal color when Draygon was still alive). Use the Space Jump to reach the door, head through and up the next shaft, you’ll eventually reach a large room full of red Zebesians. Go to the bottom right corner to find the mother of all beams.


>>>Grappling Beam


-Description: The Grappling Beam is an electric chain used to swing Samus to previously unreachable areas. The beam can grab onto the small blocks with the crosses embedded in them, once attached Samus can swing back and forth before releasing the beam. The beam can also be used to open blue doors.


-Area: Norfair


-Location: After you defeat Crocomire in Norfair (The large red fire breathing creature that you’ve got to push into the lava to defeat), in the long room where you fight him, head through the door on the left and then go through the door in the ground of the next room. You’ll then reach a long shaft leading down, drop down the shaft and go through the door at the base in the floor. You’ll now be in an underground cavern littered with crumbling debris. Blast the small fireflies nearby and lay a power bomb to destroy all the rubble. Go over to the right corner of the room and dash to the left, you’ll break through a wall with the Speed Booster and open up a massive cavern. As soon as you reach the edge of the cliff just after breaking through the wall, jump up, with your forward momentum and the Speed Booster’s power, you’ll perform a massive jump and fly through the cavern, once you land you’ll reach a door high up in the top left corner of the cavern. Head through the door to find the Grappling Beam.


>>>Varia Suit


-Description: The Varia Suit greatly enhances Samus’ Power Suit by providing her with extra protection that cuts 25% of the damage caused by enemies. The Varia can also protect Samus from extreme temperatures, specifically the melting-point temperatures found in the bowels of Norfair.


-Area: Brinstar


-Location: You’ll need to defeat Kraid before finding the Varia Suit (refer to the bosses guide). Once you crush Kraid, go through the door on the right side of his room to find the Varia Suit.


>>>Gravity Suit


-Description: The Gravity Suit gives Samus maximum protection against enemy attacks, reducing damage inflicted to 50%. The suit also gives Samus free movement underwater, and protection against certain lava.


-Area: Wrecked Ship


-Location: You’ll be able to find the Gravity Suit once you’ve done away with Phantoon (see the bosses section). Once he’s gone and the power inside the ship comes back, head back out to the main shaft and go all the way to the top. Head though the door up there and destroy all the enemies in the next hallway. Once all the enemies are done with you can go through the doors on the left and right of the hallway. Go through the left door to emerge back outside in Crateria. Go all the way to the left side of the area, and use the X-Ray Scope to find a Super Missile block in the ground. Below this block you can find a missile, but further to the right you’ll find (with the X-Ray Scope) blocks that you can bomb open. Go down and head right through the tunnel. Keep going right and you’ll find yourself back inside the Wrecked Ship. Use the Grappling Beam to cross the sea of spikes below, eventually you’ll reach a Chozo Statue standing up without holding anything in its hands. Jump on top of its hands and activate the Morphing Ball, the statue will come to life and walk down to a secret area below the spikes. From down here you can head right to find a Missile and a Reserve Tank, but if you go through the door on the left you’ll discover the Gravity Suit.


>>>Morphing Ball


-Description: The Morphing Ball gives Samus the ability to morph into a small ball shape, while in this mode, Samus can roll through small openings and plant explosive bombs (once you find them).


-Area: Brinstar


-Location: Hands down the easiest power-up to find, when you first enter Brinstar at the beginning of the game, go left from the main elevator to find the Morphing Ball in plain sight behind a group of rocks.




-Description: The Bomb power-up allows Samus to plant bombs while in the Morphing Ball mode (press X to lay bombs). The bombs can blow open small rocks, damage enemies and can even propel Samus straight up while in Morphing Ball mode.


-Area: Crateria


-Location: Back near Samus’ ship in Crateria, go into the cavern to the left of the ship. Near the three Skree (the green enemies that drop from the ceiling), you should see a small opening in the floor. Use the Morphing Ball to drop down to the shaft below, then head through the door at the base of the shaft. Go through the next corridor (blast the small enemies for energy and missile refills), then use five missiles to blow open the purple door at the far end. Make sure you’ve got at least ten missiles before you go into the room, head in and grab the bomb. Once you get the bomb the door leading out will seal and the Chozo Statue will come to life, refer to the bosses guide to put it down for good.

>>>Hi-Jump Boots


-Description: Simply put, the Hi-Jump Boots will increase Samus’ jumping distance, allowing her to reach greater heights and leap further distances.


-Area: Norfair


-Location: From the main elevator in Norfair, drop right down to the bottom of the shaft to where two doors are facing each other. Head through the door on the left to find an Energy Tank straight ahead. Go through this room and drop down the narrow shaft to reach another door below. Go through and blast the upper part of the wall away in the next room to reach the Hi-Jump Boots.


>>>Speed Booster


-Description: The Speed Booster allows Samus to run incredibly fast while charging up energy in her suit (dash for a while to active it). While the Speed Booster is active, any enemies Samus runs through will be completely blown away, Samus can also break through the special blocks with the arrows printed on them. Refer to the Secrets & Tips section to learn more about the Speed Booster’s special moves.


-Area: Norfair


-Location: In the large green room past all the lava caverns to the right of the main elevator, you’ll need to reach the upper door on the right side of the room (if you don’t have the Grappling Beam you’ll have to head down below then around to the lower door). Once through the door, wait for the Skree to crash down into the lava, then blow open the roof section above to reveal a hidden shaft. Go up and through the right door. Run through the long sloping cavern while blasting any enemies along the way, once you reach the door on the far right of the hallway (fire up at the roof to reveal a Missile), go through to claim the Speed Booster. Once you get it you’ll have to use it straight away to escape from the rising lava, go back into the long hallway and dash left to escape.


>>>X-Ray Scope


-Description: The X-Ray Scope allows Samus to scan any currently visible area to reveal any hidden passages or items. When in use, all other action on-screen will freeze, so you can safely scan rooms without enemies attacking. Select the X-Ray Scan, then press and hold B to use it and direct the field of view up and down with the Directional Pad.


-Area: Brinstar


-Location: You’ll need the Grappling Beam to reach this. In Brinstar, about halfway up the long shaft leading down to Norfair (the one with orange walls and all the Rippers flying around) you should spot a yellow door on the left wall. Blow open the door with a Power Bomb and the wall in front of it so you can head in. Inside you’ll find a darkened long hallway, filled with a sea of spikes. Try to only freeze the floating enemies with the glowing balls, if you destroy too many of them it’ll become too dark to see. Eventually you’ll need to use the Grappling Beam to cross yet more spikes, swing across and you’ll reach a door on the far side of the hallway. In the next room, jump on top of the small ledge and lay a bomb to activate the pillar below. Once you rise up to the narrow tunnel above, go left and drop down to find the X-Ray Scope.


>>>Space Jump


-Description: The Space Jump allows Samus to perform a spinning mid-air somersault, but it differs from her normal jump as if timed correctly, you can repeatedly press the jump button to cause Samus to jump higher in the air while performing the move, this way she can effectively “fly” up high areas or fly over dangerous traps below.


-Area: Maridia


-Location: Located deep within Maridia, the only thing stopping you from reaching it is Draygon (see the bosses section). Once you finish off Draygon, head through the door on the left side of his chamber to find the Space Jump.


>>>Spring Ball


-Description: As its name suggests, the Spring Ball allows Samus to jump up while the Morphing Ball is active.


-Area: Maridia


-Location: You’ll need the Space Jump before you can reach this power-up. In Maridia, go to the bottom of the huge vertical pipe that takes you between the upper and lower levels of Maridia. Once there, head right, go through the sand-filled tunnel until you reach a single-screen room with a crumbling Grappling Hook block in the ceiling. Grab onto the block and wait for it to disappear, once it’s gone Space Jump up the large shaft leading up. Watch out for the small flying bugs at the top, then head right and drop down the next shaft. Fall down through the purple ledges until you reach a door, then head through. The next long hallway will have a unique creature in it, a two armed robot that will slowly move around the room using its arms. Quickly lay a Power Bomb to break open the purple wall ahead, the robot will then be able to break through the sand-filled tunnel with its arms. Wait for the robot to clear a path, then head through the door at the end of the hallway. Phew, nearly there. In the next room, drop down the small hole in the ground and roll down the left passage below. Drop down to the bottom of the screen and go right to find the Spring Ball.


>>>Screw Attack


-Description: The Screw Attack, when used in conjunction with the Space Jump, causes Samus to charge up deadly energy as she somersaults through the air. She can break certain blocks with this attack, and can destroy any enemy that touches her.


-Area: Norfair (Ridley’s Area)


-Location: Not long after exploring Ridley’s Area for a bit, you’ll come across the second Chozo Statue that attacks you. Once you take it apart go through the door on the right side of the heat-filled room to find the Screw Attack.


.:———————(3.2 MISSILE LOCATIONS)————————–:.




1. Head down the long shaft that contains the door leading to the only save room found here in Crateria. Drop a little further down past the save room door and go through the next door down on the left. Bomb through the small tunnels in the next hallway and go left to find this missile.


2. You’ll spot this missile on your way to the large open area leading to the Wrecked Ship. In the room just before the large open area you’ll see the missile atop a thin pillar above the water. You’ll need the Grappling Beam to swing over to reach it.


3. You’ll find this missile in the “Old Tourian” area directly below the chamber where the Mother Brain was in the original Metroid (If you can’t remember where that is, it’s at the bottom of the huge shaft full of the wall-hugging Zebesians, and through the door on the right). Use standard bombs to break open a tunnel leading down to find the missile.


4. This missile will be a bit tricky to reach, you’ll have two different methods of grabbing it successfully. At the very top of the large open area leading to the Wrecked Ship (to get there you’ll need to work through the Wrecked Ship and leave via the top left exit), you’ll find the missile hidden in a small section of a rocky overhang right at the top of the area. One of the small green platforms will be hovering left and right, you can follow it to the door leading into the Wrecked Ship (so that you can get on board), or you can use the Speed Booster trick to jump up to the overhang. If you ride along on the platform, as soon as it reaches the rocky area, freeze it, then shoot the wall to reveal the missile and become the morphing ball so you can get to it. If you want to save time, go over to the far left of the area past all the mid-air platforms. Run back to the right until the Speed Booster activates, then crouch and quickly jump over to the nearest platform on the left, stand on the rightmost edge and jump straight up. You should fly up and hit the roof right next to the rocky overhang, quickly fire at the wall to reveal the missile and press left against the wall to grab it before you fall.


5. At the top of the open area leading to the Wrecked Ship, go all the way to the left side of the screen and use the X-Ray Scope to find a hidden Super Missile block. Blow it open and go down into the narrow tunnels below to find this missile.


6. Once again in the large open area before the Wrecked Ship (lots of missiles here), go to the very bottom left underwater corner. You’ll need the Gravity Suit to reach this one, you can also use the X-Ray Scope to see where the opening in the wall is. Blow open the small entrance and head through to find the missile.


7. Go back to the open area where your ship is, then go over to the door on the left side of the area and run back to activate the Speed Booster. Just when you reach your ship, press down and quickly walk over to the high mound just to the left of the ship. Angle up (R) and press A to Shinespark up to the wall on the left. You’ll break through a hidden tunnel in the wall, blow open the rest of the wall and go through the door on the left. Go through the next hallway while blowing away the rock overhangs with Power Bombs or the Screw Attack. You’ll eventually find an Energy Tank along the way, grab it and keep going to the left. Eventually you’ll reach a room with purple blocks that seems to be a dead-end. Shoot the blocks ahead of you to open a path, then use the X-Ray Scope to see the crumbling blocks in the floor. You’ll see four crumbling blocks in a row leading down, to get both missiles below so that you don’t have to waste time coming around a second time, jump over to the center of the middle blocks, and Samus will begin faling down the shaft while breaking all the blocks. If you’re confused at this point, don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean once you try it out. Once you spot the missiles below, shoot out both walls on the left and right to reach both of them.


8. This missile’s found just to the right of the one mentioned above (on the same screen).




1. This should be the first missile that you find in the game. Just after you find the Morphing Ball in Brinstar, go to the right side of the hallway and head through the door. In the next room shoot out the blocks in the center to drop down to the bottom of shaft. Head through the door on the left to find the missile.


2. Just after you find the previous missile, go back up the shaft and head through the door on the right. Go all the way to end of the hallway to find this missile waiting there.


3. When you go down the main elevator into the green area of Brinstar, go through the first door down the shaft on the right, then bomb through the green wall ahead to find this missile sitting on the ground.


4. In the huge purple cavern filled with the falling snowflakes in the background (near Spore Spawn’s room) go to the area where the roof is lined with Grappling Beam blocks. You can use the Grappling Beam to reach the missile on the left, but you can use the Wall Jump trick (see Secret & Tips) to reach it easily.


5. In the bottom left corner of the same room containing the missile mentioned previously, you’ll find a missile sitting in plain view.


6. In the green corridor leading down to the orange shaft, you should notice a lot of green pipes that spit out small flying enemies. As you go right in this corridor, keep an eye out for a single pipe up in the corner of one of the overhanging regions. You’ll notice that no enemies come out of this one, so use the Hi-Jump Boots or the Wall Jump trick to get up to the pipe, then go through the hidden tunnel to find this missile.


7. In the same room as the missile no. 3 mentioned above, use the Speed Booster to dash past all the closing shutters to reach the far end of the corridor. Head through the door there to find a Reserve Tank, but you can also roll through a hidden tunnel under the statue to find this missile in a hidden room.


8. Just behind the previous missile, blow open the wall there to find yet another missile.


9. For this missile you’ll need the Gravity Suit and the Screw Attack. Go back to where you found missile no. 2 in Brinstar, then bomb open the large rocky overhang with a Power Bomb. You can then reach a hidden shaft leading straight up within the overhang. Use the Shinespark move or the Screw Attack to reach the top of the shaft, then head through the door there. The lower part of the next room will be filled with water, use the X-Ray Scope to reveal a hidden platform above. Jump up and cross over the platform, but watch out for the falling boulders. Go into the room at the far end to find this missile.


10. You’ll find this missile hidden behind the bottom left brick on the small 5 brick platform just under the previous missile.


11. In the same room as Power Bomb no. 1 in Brinstar, use a Power Bomb to blow open the wall behind the statue to find this missile in a hidden room.


12. In the long corridor near Kraid’s room (the one with the thick spiky branches in the roof and the flying Keyhunters), go to the right end of the corridor where the hidden tunnel leads to the Save room. Use a Power Bomb to reveal the missile, then crawl through the narrow tunnel to reach it.