Fortune Teller Yuko Ariadne

Astrologer Ariadne Yuko’s Diagnosis of Samus’ Dreams

Original – 1994 | Translation – December 2009

This article also appeared in official Nintendo Japanese strategy guide to Super Metroid, pages 86 – 89. It has never before been available in English and was translated by CapCom for the MDb from scans graciously provided from the personal collection of VGMStudios. The dreams are based off scenes from the game. Please enjoy!


Profile of Yuko ARIADNE

Samus has recurring nightmares. Are this woman’s dreams hidden messages from the past or premonitions from the future? Astrologer Ariadne Yuko divines Samus’ hidden truth. What hidden truths of Samus will be divined by astrologer Ariadne Yuko? Western astrology, fortune telling with tarot cards, incorporated psychology in life counseling, etc; astrological expert with activities in a broad range of fields. Her fortune telling handles all range of questions from love to problems with operating a business. Her main literary works include Uranai daishuukai (Big Fortune Telling Assembly), Ketsuekigata happi uranai (Happy Blood Type Fortune Telling), and many others. She is active in many magazines such as Uranai kouna (Fortune Telling Corner).

Dream 1 – Chariots of Fire

I was running. And……it seemed like I had equipped my Speed Booster. A blue-white aura was enveloping my whole body. I was running fast. I was the fastest in the Galaxy. I was glad. I thought no one could stop me.

I hadn’t considered this might not be a good thing, surely… If no one could stop me, I thought that maybe I couldn’t stop my body. I tried to. I tried stopping.

It was as if my legs were moving of their own accord, for no matter how much I prayed, ‘Stop! Stop!’ I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t enough even if I struck the walls and enemies before my eyes. I broke through walls, sent enemies flying, and kept on running.

It was scary. As it was, I wondered if I would run for an eternity or if anyone would save me… In any case, it was frightening. But I couldn’t stop my legs.



Your dream is a reflection of your current self. If you are dreaming you are “being chased by someone,” be careful! You hold emotions for the thing that is chasing you.

However, if you are running from yourself in the dream, there is no reason at all to worry. Samus, isn’t your starship’s cockpit considerably narrow? It isn’t wide enough for you to move your arms about widely? Isn’t that right?

It seems this is corporeal energy gathering from when you were young. When you are in your narrow spaceship for a long time, you can’t emit this energy. I can say with confidence that this dream is the message of this energy wanting to be emitted.

Please buy a very large starship so you can exercise inside of it. If you can’t do that, from time to time, get off at a small planet where you can exercise.

Dream 2 – Death Trap

Do you know the Morph Ball? It is a technique that can transform my whole body into a round ball. This technique has often let me escape from predicaments on Planet Zebes. It’s good for rolling through narrow pipes.

Well, I was rolling through a pipe as usual. Suddenly, I had a bad premonition and slowed down. But it was too late. The bottom of the pipe I was on broke, and because I was rolled up in a ball, I fell through. As it was, I might have fainted.

I carefully rolled into a small room shaped like a box. It was dark and very cramped. There wasn’t enough space to go back to my former shape. I was round……and because it was an unnatural posture, I somehow had to move out of it. I laid bombs. But it was useless. I was locked up and couldn’t get out. “Help me! Someone get me out!” But my cries disappeared into the darkness.



If we explain this in the style of Freud, the ball should represent the male sex organ. If you go in the wrong direction, you won’t escape! If there is someone you care deeply about, someone other than yourself, you have fallen into a trap. So, I can diagnose it’s possible you are having an affair. Please be careful.

If this isn’t the case, this dream is a portent. The will of the universe is urging you to be cautious. This dream means in the near future you may be trapped in thousands of dead ends, unsure what to do, and I suggest using trial and error. Take independent advice for each problem. Don’t mourn for the extermination of the Space Pirates! Take a restful retreat on a colony somewhere.

Dream 3 – A Bridge Too Far

I am approaching a bridge that I can’t cross. However, my legs step onto it and the bridge breaks apart. It cracks and crumbles apart like sand. No matter how many times I get on it, it’s useless. I am not allowed to cross. I am weak so the bridge refuses to let me cross.



The “bridge” is an expression of life’s transition into death. This bridge rejects you. I sense you are being obstructed from growing into adulthood.

This is a manifestation of a tendency for anxiety neurosis. If you’re afraid, it’s because both your parents perished in a Space Pirate attack, and you were left alone. This psychological wound is the reason for this anxiety. Your strong determination to live is suppressing the feminine part of yourself.

Because your courage in battle exceeds that of men, this seems to be impeding the growth of your inner woman. We can take this from the form of your dream, its expression. If you are in love with someone, try training yourself to be a woman.

Dream 4 – Cradle of Fear

I was walking through an ancient spaceship.* Somewhere in my head, I sensed ‘peace’ beyond this point. Certainly there was ‘peace’ ahead. There was a Chozo statue. The figure of the Chozo raised me gently. It had a big body. A kind face. It opened its warm hand. I got into its open hand and rolled into a ball. I had a very good feeling. But it didn’t last long. I felt the open hand move, and I was crushed.

*’Kodai no uchuu-sen’ literally, ‘ancient spaceship’. Maybe the ‘wrecked ship’? However, ‘ancient spaceship’ has a lot of meaning held within.



The Chozo in your dream is the equivalent to the archetype psychologist Jung calls “the old wise man”.

The “old wise man” is a manifestation of power and reason as well as a symbol of authority. You want to rely on the Chozo’s protection because you feel the sense of crisis and conflict will diminish under the protection of the Chozo. The Chozo statues give you useful items. You can fight thanks to the Chozo statues. But now they won’t let you. You have to settle it with your own power. This feeling of independence is budding within you.

Dream 5 – Why those Etecoons, I hate them!

I perceived that two gigantic walls towered before and behind me. The walls stretched completely around the left and the right. In the nearby corner, some kind of monkeys sprang up. They raised their ear-splitting cries. “Jump! Jump!” I heard them cry. In this fashion, they kicked off both walls and rapidly ascended.

“This is fun. There’s something good up here!” the monkeys call from above as they talk about this thing.

I followed the monkeys’ example and jumped. Then I kicked off the wall and seemed to rise up. But it was impossible. Because my kick timing was bad, I didn’t have enough jump power. I couldn’t do it skillfully. The monkeys could do it, but myself – a human being – could not. I was disgraced.

I jumped many, many times over. I couldn’t get up. I wanted to get out of there. But it was impossible.



There are three parts to this dream. “Jumping”, “falling”, and “the monkeys in the corner”.

“Jumping” is this dream’s theme and also your desire to fly. In short, it indicates your desire to obtain powers surpassing that of your corporeal body.

Also, “falling” means you have lost your ego. “Monkeys” are childish. Furthermore, they live in the corner, and represent the male sex.

The Chozo implanted you with their DNA, granting you these abilities. However, you didn’t really want to have your abilities. Those, in other words, are male powers. You lost your female ego, but didn’t want to have the physical abilities of men. Moreover, you move about innocently.

Supposing without hesitation you requested another DNA infusion, the symbol of man, you would probably receive a Y chromosome.

Dream 6 – Reunited with a Foul Stench

My small baby had grown enormous. Though the Metroid was my companion, it truly was, it was very scary and I expected it would close in. But miraculously, I was not afraid. The baby raised its crying voice.

“Oh, don’t worry!” I said as I approached. The baby raised its voice in joy and faced me. I hurried to hug the baby and it came and covered me.

The baby was also happy. It poured energy into my body. My whole body was filled with the main current of power. However, it wasn’t energy.

“Baby! What were you eating!?” It was terrible energy. It was unbelievably putrid, it was acrid, until then I had never smelled such a stench from anything in the galaxy, it tasted like something completely inedible, and this thing forcibly penetrated my body.

Something sweet and sour came from my stomach to my throat and overflowed from my mouth. No, stop! I can’t take it anymore! As for what happened after, I can’t talk about it anymore.



I think the sense of taste and smell in dreams is closely similar to your waking senses.

Your dream was “I saw a pleasant dream under a blue sky and wasn’t cold around the waist” this is essentially the same with only minor differences.

This was clearly why you threw up. Perhaps you ate something awful before nighttime. Possibly your stomach might have been functioning poorly. Please drink some alka-seltzer* to sleep peacefully.

*The original Japanese uses Ohta Acid, which has a similar function.

Samus’ Love Diagnosis

Because the Galactic Federation does not use Earth’s calendar, I don’t think Samus’ birthday applies to Earth’s birthdays, so I have to infer the story.

Samus is a Scorpio. Because of the fact that you were the sole survivor of the Space Pirate raid on K-2L, I sense the Scorpion’s vitality.

Samus, your isolated soul, tightly wrapped in your fighting spirit, seeks warmth. This encounter with a man is not that far away. When you first see him, even though he looks clumsy, there is abundant tolerance in the folds of your delicate emotions. In that encounter you will feel for a moment the bonds of fate.

While it’s a disappointment, you can never live together. From the circumstances, there will be no more than a parting suggestion. However, your heart won’t feel lonely. The reason why is you will have your boy by your side. He will look a lot like his father. You will pass on through your son and continue to feel “his” love from a long distance.

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