Fan For Life 2.0

Everyone has a different way of showing their dedication to the stuff they love.  For some, it’s cosplay or an immaculate collection of all the things. For others like myself, we spend hours under the needle to bring that love to life. Welcome to our Fan For Life page– 2.0! This page goes hand-in-hand with our Tattoo Tuesday feature on IG/FB. Here, I have gathered those submissions as well as any sent directly to me and put them on display to be immortalized and viewed at your leisure.

Sorry – we are no longer taking submissions for this feature at this time, but that may change at a later date! –IE

Danny from Glasgow got his tattoo back in 2017, spending about 2 hours in the chair. Metroid is his favorite series, and Super Metroid is his favorite of the favorites. His S-Logo incorporates the colors of both the Varia and Gravity suits!

Ryan got this tat in 2019. Taking from both Metroid and Treasure Planet with the portal serving as the background, it was an excellent choice for a first tattoo.

tame_piranha’s second tattoo took about two hours to complete, but they say it was worth every minute! Their goal is to evolve this into a full sleeve one day.

Erik’s tattoo was completed in 2015, and it still fuels his Metroid hype to this day. He is very much looking forward to Prime 4, as well as another 2d Metroid game (so are we!).

1su8192’s tattoo of The Baby is just adorable! They got it done back in 2017 and spent about an hour in the chair.












metroidmonday’s ink is a tribute to the confidence Samus and Metroid instilled in her as a young female gamer. She spent just under 2 hours in the chair in 2008.

Kabutroid’s (shoutout to Planet Zebeth!) lovely shoulder tattoo borrows from the Metroid Prime gallery, but the blue shading was color corrected for it to match the lovely metroid-green we all know and love.

metroidfan09’s display of love for the series started with the Chozo artifact and continued in 2016 with Samus’ iconic Zero Mission pose. Metroid Prime is one of their GOATs, and I’m inclined to agree with them!

mordhau5’s leg-sleeve (leeve?) was a labor of love and a trial in patience. They spent TWENTY-FIVE hours collectively in the chair, but they were greatly rewarded with a beautifully intricate work of art. He also managed to hide his tat for TWO YEARS! :O

danielburgher’s tattoos are a tribute to his favorite game of all time, Super Metroid! He got the metroid in 2018 and spent 2 hours in the chair, and the S-Logo in 2019, spending 4 hours in the chair this time. The tattoos commemorated his great real-time run of under 1:40!













Gray got their tattoo in December of 2019. It is a lovely tribute to the first game in the Metroid series they played and beat!

Dante K.
Dante K’s Gravity Suit S-Logo is simple elegance.

Felipe’s tat is very cool and stylized, and makes me pine for my SNES!

Justin D.
Justin D.’s brother talked him into getting this tattoo as his first back in 2020, right before COVID shut all of the parlors down. He spent 4-6 hours in the chair.

When they first started training to be a tattoo artist, Morais’ took the opportunity to use his love for Metroid and his own real-estate as his training ground. Every time he looks down at his arm, Morias is reminded of the good times with his late uncle that introduced him to Samus and the world of Metroid.














Noah got his tattoo in 2018 when he turned 18 and it was his very first. Metroid Prime was the first game he played on the GameCube when he was 7, and often finds himself returning to Tallon IV. Noah spent about an hour and a half in the chair.

justin_gregory_fx and his brother’s tattoos, the big bads of Brinstar and Norfair!

katnipsmalls got this gorgeous watercolor Metroid tat in September of 2017, spending just under 2 hours in the chair.

Mason has loved the Metroid series since he first played Metroid Fusion on the GameBoy Advance. He spent a little over six hours in the chair with this sick tattoo!

king_dan_productions got this beauty of a tat last year, and it was his second tattoo. The Super Metroid piece was done by the talented Jay Noska, and king_dan_productions spent about 4 hours in the chair.










This cuddly buddy was created in 2020 by tattoo artist, who drew this up for fun. A client decided to add it to their collection of nostalgic video game and anime tattoos. It took them about 3 hours to do.

Christopher P.
Christopher P. got this tattoo on August 24th, 2009, the same day the Metroid Prime Trilogy came out on the Wii. He wanted a simple tat to show his love for the series as well as rep for the amazing Metroid Metal! m/