Credits – Metroid

Scenario Written by
Character Designed by
Music by
Main Programmed by
Special Thanks to
  • Ken Zuri
  • Sumi
  • Toru Osawa (Inusawa)
  • Kacho
  • Hyakkan
  • Goyake
  • Takahiro Harada (as Harada)
  • Penpen
  • Tohryu Restaurant [Tohryu]*
  • Sometime Mako Restaurant [Mako]*
  • Benkei Dining [Benkei]*
Converted by
Assisted by
Directed By
Chief Director
Produced by
Executive Producer (uncredited)
Copyright 1986
  • Nintendo

* These Special Thanks credits were removed from the game by Tohru Narihiro from the Famicom version to make room for his credit information. The names are listed in the original Japanese Famicom version.