Cameos & References

Other Games Featuring Samus and Friends and Foes
by MDb Staff

Nintendo has been known to sneak some of their most popular characters into walk-on roles in various game titles. Samus and other Metroid characters have been found or referenced in non-Nintendo games as well. This page will be an attempt at being a comprehensive archive of every Metroid-related in-game cameo or reference known to this day.

List is in order of release date.

Kid Icarus (NES/GB) – 1987

Komaytos are metroid-like creatures that attack in groups in the final vertical level, near the top. Chronologically, they are the first Metroid cameo found in another Nintendo game. The Kid Icarus instruction book heavily implies that the crossover was intentional. (Click the Komayto image on the left for the manual page) The Komayto returns in the GameBoy sequel, Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, however its appearance is different than that of its NES one.



Click here for the return of the Komayto featured in the 3DS Remake, Kid Icarus: Uprising!

Famicom Wars (NES) – 1988 (Japan only)

One of the most well-hidden cameos exists in Japan-only Famicom game, Famicom Wars. The CO of the Red Star Army on Crater Island dons a familiar helmet, and is named “Samsoon,” also localized as Samusun. Famicom Wars marks the first title in the Wars series, which weren’t brought over to North America until Advance Wars on the GameBoy Advance. Famicom Wars was released in 1988, making it the earliest known direct Samus cameo. (Note: image was taken from a fan-translated ROM hack)

To this day, Famicom Wars has never been released on any Nintendo console outside of Japan.

Tetris (NES) – 1989

This is the Nintendo-developed version of NES Tetris, not the Tengen one. Beating Game B on different difficulty levels earns you an animated ending screen featuring different Nintendo characters playing musical instruments. If you beat it on Level 9 with a Height of 2 or higher, Samus will be one of those characters, playing a doublebass or cello.

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) – 1990

Not so much a cameo, but more of a reference to the Metroid series can be seen in Super Mario Bros. 3. Once you touch an invincibility star, Super Mario’s jumping pattern gets changed into a spinning animation. The similarity to the Screw Attack is too close to be a coincidence. (This style of jumping animation can also be seen in Super Mario All-Stars, and has been translated into the the newer 3D Mario titles such as Super Mario Galaxy.)

F-1 Race (Game Boy) – 1990

In this original Game Boy title, different Nintendo characters greet you at each race. Samus shows up before Course 7 to cheer you on.

X (Game Boy) – 1992

X is a very primitive 3D tank game that was released only in Japan on the GameBoy in 1992. It was developed in part by Argonaut Software and Nintendo. Key developers are StarFox‘s Dylan Cuthbert (programmer) and Yoshio Sakamoto (director). The game’s music was composed by Hip Tanaka and Kazumi Totaka (the latter’s first game credit, as well as the first game to feature “Totaka’s Song“).

The game is played in a first-person perspective and is very similar to the 1980 Atari game, Battlezone. You control a tank, and must either destroy enemies on a playing field, or go through a tunnel while avoiding protruding walls, lay a bomb and destroy it.

So, other than Sakamoto being involved, what’s this have to do with Metroid? Well, the answer lies in the details of the game’s story. The name of the tank you pilot is called the VIXIV. “VIXIV” was reused in two official Metroid media: the manga, and Other M. The VIXIV is the name of the ship that is commanded by none other than Adam Malkovich.

The VIXIV is vital to MOM’s story in that it was where Adam ordered the detatchment of a critically-damaged drive unit that the VIXIV was towing before it exploded. Ian Malkovich, Adam’s younger brother, was inside the unit trying to repair it. This is what caused Samus to leave the Galactic Federation.

Furthermore, the Training Academy Coach in X could be seen as somewhat similar to Adam Malkovich’s face, but it’s too arbitrary/lacking detail to be completely sure. Since X predates Other MOther M is referencing X in this case.

X-Scape (aka X-Returns in Japan and 3D Space Tank in Europe), the game’s sequel, is a DSi Ware game that was released in 2010. Players take control of the VIXIV once more.

Galactic Pinball (Virtual Boy) – 1995

In this Virtual Boy title, play the board called “Cosmic.” If you can work your ball into the upper-right area with the bumpers and start the “Bumper Clash,” then destroy all those bumpers with your ball, a bonus stage will start. The now-famous ‘S’-symbol appears in the area where the bumpers were, and a voice says “Let’s go, Samus!!” Your ball turns into Samus’ gunship, and you shoot descending metroids and other space nasties, Galaga-style, as the Super Metroid theme plays in the background!! If you’re a Metroid collector or completist, this makes Galactic Pinball a must-own.

Flight of Aran (MP3)
Flight of Aran (FLAC)

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES) – 1996

To find Samus in Super Mario RPG: After you beat Johnny and Yaridovich, head straight to the Mushroom Kingdom Castle and enter the guest room. Do not proceed to Land’s End. You will see Samus laying in the bed. When you talk to her, she tells you that she’s “resting up for Mother Brain.”

Samus also makes an appearance in the game the form of a doll in a toybox.

Kirby Super Star (SNES/NDS) – 1996

Two small Metroid-related occurrences in this game:

  1. You can collect an item called the “Screw Ball” when playing through The Great Cave Offensive. It is worth 80,000G and is located to the right of the Seiryu Sword. This was appropriately changed to “Screw Attack” in the port for Nintendo DS, Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  2. When you get the Stone defense, you may randomly become a Samus statue!

Kirby’s Dreamland 3 (SNES) – 1998

In world 5-2, there are three rooms, each one holding one or more metroids. They will swoop down and latch onto Kirby (!) but they don’t do him any damage. They also cannot be hurt or touched with most of Kirby’s normal attacks. At the end of the stage, Samus in her armor suit is standing as if waiting for you. Unless you defeat the metroids she doesn’t do anything. Eating an enemy with the freeze power gives Kirby the freeze ability and he will breathe frosty breath, which will trap the metroids in chunks of ice and destroy them. After Kirby destroys all six metroids you will hear a tone, and when you meet Samus at the end of the stage she won’t have her helmet on.

Wario Land 2 (Game Boy Color, N3DS) – 1998

In Wario Land 2, you get a treasure after each level completed. The reward for Level 49 is a Metroid.


It should be noted that Wario Land II was created by nearly all ex-Metroid game team developers:

  • Takehiro Izusushi
  • Masaru Yamanaka
  • Nobuhiro Ozaki
  • Katsuya Yamano
  • Takehiko Hosokawa
  • Hiroji Kiyotake
  • Hirofumi Matsuoka
  • Shinya Sano
  • Masahiko Mashimo
  • Satoshi Matsumura
  • Yasuo Inoue

F-Zero Series (N64, GCN, Arcade, GBA) – 1998 onward

F-Zero is a series of fast-paced, futuristic racing titles that debuted on the Super Nintendo. When F-Zero X was released on the N64 in 1998, it introduced many more selectable ships than the games before it; each new ship having its own unique pilot.


One of them was Jody Summer, a beautiful brunette who pilots the White Cat. Jody Summer’s outfit has an impeccable resemblance to the ending-screen version of Samus from the original Metroid. Jody is also a member of the “Galactic Space Federation” military, an organization very similar to the Galactic Federation from Metroid.


F-Zero X also has characters named James McCloud (of Star Fox fame) and Mr. EAD (who resembles Mario and has a Starman Belt Buckle), so it’s no surprise this cameo was intentional.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA) – 2002

Super Metroid paved the way for all 2D Castlevania games from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night onward, and eventually spearheaded the “Metroidvania” genre. Harmony of Dissonance pays a specific homage to the franchise by making these skulls bear an uncanny resemblance to that fan-favorite Norfair miniboss, the Crocomire.


To see this reference, you will eventually come to an area called the “Cave of Skeletons.” In it, there are giant skulls which you use as ramps to allow you to get to the next part of the area.


(Thanks to the Castlevania Dungeon for providing the image!)

Wario Ware Series (multi)

Due to Yoshio Sakamoto’s involvement with the Wario Ware series, Metroid has been featured as a minigame since the very first one. Most of them are featured in 9-Volt’s set, who is an old school Nintendo fan and resident DJ. Unfortunately, no Metroid cameos appear in Wario Ware: Snapped, a download-only title for DSi.

Wario Ware: Mega MicroGame$ and Wario Ware: Mega PartyGame

Console: GameBoy Advance/Gamecube
Release Date: 2003
Microgame: Metroid
Description: Destroy Mother Brain! Ah, “Metroid”… Now that’s one good game!
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. A prompt is given to “Fire!” Shoot missiles at the Mother Brain chamber and destroy it. B: shoot missiles, Down and Up allow you to morph and unmorph

9-Volt Microgame – Metroid
Explosion Failure


Wario Ware: Twisted!

Console: GameBoy Advance
Release Date: 2005
Microgame: Metroid-Morph Ball
Description: Roll around and get the missile! (Tilt) Roll A Jump
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. A prompt is given to “Get Missile!” Tilt the GBA in order to move Samus (in morphball form) to the missle tank. The A button jumps. This microgame features several locales from Metroid as well as the Elevator, Brinstar, and Kraid themes. On a rare occasion, Samus will appear suitless

Microgame: Metroid-Samus
Description: Use the arm cannon to shoot all the enemies. (Tilt) Move arm A Shoot”
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. Prompts are given either to “Shoot!” or “Repel!” Kill the Metroids as they fly around. Tilting the GBA moves Samus’s arm canon, which is always pointing upwards. Tap A to shoot her beam.

Microgame: Mewtroid
Description: Roll left and right to defeat the evil bugs! Your quick moves and paw cannon will bring you to victory! (Tilt) Roll A Fire
Info: Located in the “Souvenirs” section (unlockable). In this game you tilt your GBA to make a little cat roll left and right on the bottom of the screen. The cat has an arm cannon that you use to shoot weird, bug men that try to attack you. Shoot as many as you can until you get hit. Tilting quickly makes the cat roll fast and you will hear the Screw Attack sound. Brinstar’s music from Metroid 1 plays throughout. Mewtroid is called Nekotroid in the Japanese version. Watch Mewtroid in action!

Zip of Wario Ware: Twisted! Metroid tracks (10 MP3s)


Wario Ware: Touched!

Console: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2005
Microgame: Metroid
Description: Pull those things off her head!
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. Metroids try to latch onto Samus. Pull them off of her with the stylus. One metroid is easy to deal with, but it gets a little more difficult with two or three.

Microgame: Famicom Tantei Club II
Description: ???
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. The player is asked to “Spot the Difference!” comparing the top screen to the bottom screen. On this particular one, a Samus helmet appears atop the lockers in the back. This microgame appears instead of the Metroid microgame in the Japanese version of Touched!, probably due to the Famicom Tantei Club series being a Japan-only release.

9-Volt Retro Action Game – Metroid

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

Console: Wii
Release Date: 2007

Microgame: Super Nostalgic Entertainment System
Description: It’s been a while since I booted up my SNES. Let’s see if I remember how it goes… 1991: SNES
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. A prompt is given to “Insert!” Super Nintendo carts move back and forth. Use the hands to push the cart in at the right time to win. One of the featured carts is none other than Super Metroid.

Microgame: Opening Night
Description: Is this your first time conducting? Oh, it’s simple! You just move the Form Baton and we’ll follow your lead. Just promise to take us through to the end. (The orchestra)
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. A prompt is given to “Conduct!” Use the Wiimote as a conductors baton to conduct your 8-bit orchestra. In the third difficulty level, Samus is featured as one of the players, with her trademark cello.

Microgame: Metroid Prime 2
Description: Roll Samus into the target and knock it down. 2004: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes/Nintendo GameCube
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. A prompt is given to “Knock Over!” Control Samus from Metroid Prime (in morphball form). Tilt the Wii Remote forward and knock over a nearby barrel to win. After doing so, Samus un-morphs and cheers.

EXTRA: If you have a game save on your Wii, you can receive a Wario moustache sticker on your ship in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Wario Ware: D.I.Y.

Console: DSi
Release Date: 2009
Microgame: Metroid
Info: Located in 9-Volt’s set. A prompt is given to “Get it!” A Zero Mission Samus runs towards a missile expansion. You must dodge the hanging Skree to win by morphing into a ball.

Microgame: Metroid
Description: Federation Orders: Destroy Metroids!
Info: The other microgame was created by Yoshio Sakamoto himself, and can be downloaded via the online service under the “Big Name Games” category. Shoot and destroy the Metroids quickly enough and receive a fanfare from Samus or Zero Suit Samus. Watch this microgame in action!

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA) – 2003

The Mario & Luigi titles are RPGs for the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS. The first one in the series, Superstar Saga, had originally planned on having a Samus cameo, among many other well-known Nintendo characters, but was left on The Cutting Room Floor. Fortunately, the developers left the original graphics and text in the game so we actually know their original intentions.


In the game you will come upon Starbeans Cafe, a local coffee shop. When you purchased special drinks at the cafe, they would trigger a Nintendo character cameo. Samus was one of these. The original text was as follows:


Cashier : Whoa! A power outage?
– Yikes! Samus Aran! I see you’re rocking and rolling as usual!
– …Looks like your energy tanks are empty! Sorry, but can’t you give your Hoolumbian to Samus?
– Oh! Feeling better?


After purchasing your coffee and giving it to Samus, she would reward you with the item “Energy Tank.” This was changed to “Power Grip” in the final release of the game. One wonders how Samus can drink anything through her helmet…


The graphics have also been ripped from the game. Special thanks to Salanewt for creating this spritesheet!


NOTE: These animated gifs are an estimate on how these sprites were actually animated in the game.

Custom Robo (GCN) – 2004

In the Gamecube title Custom Robo, there exists a group called the “Z Syndicate.” The characters that frequent Hub Park have a trend where they find words that the “Z” could stand for. The couple sitting on the bench has this Metroid cameo. To see the cameo: as soon as you finish testing at the Police Squad HQ for the Class-S License, choose to “Walk around” or whatever the other choice is besides “Go Home”. Choosing “Go Home” will send you straight to the next day which will cause you to miss the cameo. Choosing to “Walk Around” will allow you to go wherever you want, thus you can go to Hub Park for the cameo.

Special thanks to Outlaw for the image and description!

Geist (GCN) – 2005

During the very sexy women’s locker room part of the game, you can open up a few of the lockers. One of these lockers reveals Samus’s helmet sitting on the shelf. (If you can provide the MDb with a direct-feed or high quality screencap of this cameo, please, LET US KNOW!)

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (NDS) – 2005

There is an enemy in the Nintendo DS game, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time called a “Snoozorb.” Anyone that has played Fusion will instantly recognize that it looks just like a cutesy version of Nightmare, the boss of Sector 5. It’s further proven by the name, as both characters have names that pertain to sleeping.

Tetris DS (NDS) – 2006

Tetris DS adheres to an old school Nintendo theme, with Metroid being one of these. The title screen shows Samus running around shooting floating Tetraminoes, which swoop down and explode just like Rios.

In Catch mode, a Brinstar-like shaft scrolls down in the background featuring 8-bit Samus in different poses, shooting, jumping, and dodging enemies. A remixed version of the Brinstar theme plays as well. Watch out for falling Metroids-in-a-bottle!

In Marathon mode, once you make it to level 12, the top screen displays Samus blasting her way through the first room of Metroid, while the background shows Mother Brain on the bottom screen. The game also uses the Save File sprite only seen in the FDS version of Metroid

Metroid Charge (Catch)
Metroid Charge (Catch), Fast Version

Picross DS (NDS) – 2007

In the DS game Picross DS, from Jupiter, one reference can be found in the game. The normal mode features one series of Nintendo themed puzzles, and one is based off of Samus from Metroid.

Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (Wii) – 2008 (Japan only)

In the latest installment of the Fatal Frame franchise (which has yet to be brought over to western shores) there are unlockable costumes. One of them is none other than Zero Suit Samus! Check the vid for a full *cough* “run down” of the costume!
(Special thanks to honestwg on YouTube for uploading this vid!)

An interesting bit of trivia, is that the producer for this game is Metroid series veteran, and Yoshio Sakamoto’s good friend Toru Osawa.

Advance Wars: Day of Ruin (NDS) – 2008

In the DS game Advance Wars: Day of Ruin, from Intelligent Systems, one reference can be found in the game. The fourth Trial Map unlocked by playing the Campaign is Metro Island, designed to resemble a Metroid. Intelligent Systems has a long history with the Metroid franchise, co-developing Metroid and Super Metroid with Nintendo R&D.

Jam with the Band (NDS) – 2008 (Japan & Europe only)

In the second Band Bros. game Jam with the Band, from Intelligent Systems, a couple Metroid reference can be found in the game. First off, a free downloadable song named Brinstar (Metroid) contains a medley of the opening theme, Brinstar theme, and Item Get theme. This song was only available until May 20, 2014, when the servers for the game were taken offline.

In the Instrument Trivia section, all instruments play a short jingle from different Nintendo games and Metroid is no exception. The pipe organ and vibraphone play the Item Get theme and Opening from Metroid respectively. The synth bass and horn play VS. Ridley and Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior from Super Metroid respectively.

Animal Crossing Series, AC: Wild World, AC: City Folk, AC: New Leaf (multi) – 2002, 2005, 2008, 2012

The Animal Crossing franchise is no stranger to Metroid cameos. The first appeared as a clothing pattern. “Samus’s Suit” could only be found if you purchased it as an e-Reader card (Series 2). In the other two released titles, hidden clothing items include Samus’s Mask and Varia Suit. You can also collect a Metroid in the DS and Wii versions, Wild World and City Folk. In New Leaf, 3DS Play Coins can be traded to the Nook brothers to obtain rare Nintendo themed items. Metroid themed items include Samus’s Mask, Varia Suit, Varia Suit pants, Varia Suit shoes, and the baby Metroid.

In New Leaf the fortune cookies have the following descriptions.

  • Samus Mask: #10 She who forgoes a hat and grabs a helmet knows not the sting of lava.
  • Varia Pants: #42 She who wears lava-proof pants is prepared for any situation.
  • Varia Suit Shoes: #43 She who wears laceless shoes is probably busy with space monsters.
  • Varia Suit: #46 She who wears armor today is she who may wear armor tomorrow.
  • Metroid: #47 Wise men say the brain is a terrible thing to waste.

In Wild World, talking to Gulliver (a shipwrecked seagull) after repairing his U.F.O, he asks the player if they have ever seen “A space fox or a bounty hunter who can roll into a ball.”


Phantasy Star 0 (NDS Japanese Version) 2008

Someone at Sega must really like Metroid because the Japanese version of Phantasy Star 0 for the DS allows players to purchase the Power Beam. The weapon can be unlocked with the vendor machine code 6337-6325. The Power Beam is defined as a handgun and PSO-World (the source of these images) gives it a rating of 6/7 stars, making it one of the better weapons in the game. It’s also very interesting to see Samus’ arm cannon being used by schoolgirls. Thanks for the heads-up, Sasuke1986!



Shadow Complex (Xbox 360) 2009

 In the Metroidvania-inspired 2009 XBLA game Shadow Complex, the game offers some extra-difficult achievements called “Master Challenges” which go beyond the normal achievements offered in the game. Accomplishing these gives you no gamerscore; they’re more for bragging rights. One of those achievements is called “Jason Bailey.” An obvious take on the famous suitless Samus password, JUSTIN BAILEY, to achieve this Master Challenge, you must beat the game with 100% pickups in less than 2 hours. We don’t have any screenshots to show, but you can definitely watch someone run through the challenge over on YouTube.

Starcraft II (PC) 2010


The good folks at Blizzard have crept in a very famous creature into the latest installment of their insanely popular RTS franchise, Starcraft II. In the 2v2 multiplayer map, “High Orbit,” you can see a metroid-like creature encased in a tube. This is another one of very few Metroid cameos found in non-Nintendo games, so let us all be very thankful it’s in there!


Singularity (Xbox360) 2010

Raven Software’s time-altering FPS, Singularity, has a huge Metroid reference in it. The reference is also associated with an achievement called “Mother my Brain Hurts!” We’ll get to that in a moment.


In the game, you enter a derelict ship. The feeling you get in this ship is very reminiscent of the intro stage to Metroid Prime. In the ship you get a weapon called the “Dethex Launcher,” which basically shoots out little balls that you can control and explode. The balls move around very reminiscent to the morph ball, as you can roll around and even jump with it before allowing it to detonate.


Once you get the gun, you need to shoot out a ball and move it through a small maze which allows you to open up a locked door nearby. Through this door is the main reference. There is a dead, shriveled body laying on a couch, holding a note which you can read here. Notice the initials at the bottom? There is a Chrono-Note (writings that were inscribed at a different point in time)on the wall that reads, “Mother my Brain Hurts!” Finally, there is a large glass tube to the left of the shriveled body, that, when you look closely, you can clearly see a very familiar, green jellyfish-like creature inside.


Feel free to watch the embedded YT video if the images aren’t enough. Bravo, designers at Raven. This could successfully be the biggest Metroid reference in gaming history.



Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) 2010

The developer of the Prime trilogy, Retro Studio’s Donkey Kong Country Returns is no stranger to Metroid cameos. As of this writing, two cameos have been discovered. The first is in Level 6-7, “Tippy Shippy” where right at the beginning of the stage you can see some eerily familiar fossils embedded into the wall. Now could those be Parasites, or Leviathan Infants? Given the other fossilized fauna, it’s also possible it could be a type of Eurypterid. The jury is out on that one…

The second can be seen in Level 7-1, “Foggy Fumes.” Very far in the background we see the skull of that fan favorite miniboss, Crocomire. Other cameos in this level include Punch-Out, Donkey Kong, Game & Watch, and Super Mario Bros.

The third can be seen in Level 7-R, “Lift-Off Launch.” At the very start of the level is a massive structure with three spinning concentric rings and an orb in the middle. Fans of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes will recognize this as the Main Dynamo from the Sanctuary Fortress. The orb in the center looks suspiciously similar to a Dark Aether portal…


Thanks for the cameos Retro! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.

Dead Or Alive: Dimensions (3DS) 2011


Team Ninja, collaborators on Metroid: Other M created a special Metroid stage called the “Geothermal Power Plant” for Dead or Alive: Dimensions on the 3DS. The stage takes place in the thermal energy core on the Bottle Ship with a 3DS remix of Ridley’s theme from Other M. Knock your opponents into the pit or beat them in the match to leave them to the mercy of Ridley, who will scrape them against the wall hardcore! There’s no Freeze Gun escape clause this time! Samus can also appear and drops a Power Bomb to make a quick end to the fight. Thanks for the love, Yosuke Hayashi!

  • To unlock the stage, you must complete all 6 courses in Arcade Mode.
  • When playing the stage, blow, whistle, or speak into the microphone to summon Morph Ball Samus, who lays a power bomb.
  • After the Power Bomb goes off, players’ sides are switched.
  • Pushing an opponent off the edge causes Ridley to pick them up and slam and grind them against the wall, and then blows a fireball at them, causing heavy damage.
  • Ridley will also blow fireballs at the fighters while playing on the stage

Nintendo 3DS 2011

The Nintendo 3DS Hardware comes with many different features and games, and among these features we find a few Metroid and Samus cameos.


AR Games

The 3DS comes with a pre-installed software called “AR Games” which makes use of a small pack of cards that is also included. The function of these cards are used by the 3DS’s twin-cameras, which recognize the shapes featured on the card and display a 3D model or game accordingly. Among the cards is a Samus card:


 3DS Samus AR Card

When the card is used with the “Star Pics” option, a 3D model of Other M Samus arises from the card (also playing the “Samus Appears” jingle). You can physically move the 3DS and look around the model of Samus or use the thumb stick to rotate and move the model, use X to enlarge/shrink, and use B to change her into 5 different poses, as seen below:


The AR Cards are NOT exclusive to the AR Games pre-installed 3DS game! For example, you can use the cards with Nintendogs & Cats, which will put a hat of the appropriate card on your dog/cat. For example, using the Mario card gives them a Mario hat, and using the Samus card gives them a Samus helmet. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this awesome feature, so be sure to keep checking back here for all its uses!


“Find Mii”

Another pre-installed game on the 3DS is called StreetPass, which centers around trading 3DS Miis with passers-by that may also own a 3DS via Wi-Fi. There is mini-RPG game called “Find Mii” in which you can earn special hats that your Mii can wear. Two of these hats are Metroid-related: Samus’s Helmet, and a Metroid Hat. Check the pic below:


StreetPass Metroid Hats

This image was taken from GamesRadar’s Justin Towell, who has collected all the possible Mii StreetPass hats!


“Puzzle Swap”


The second mini game featured with the Mii StreetPass is called “Puzzle Mii,” in which an image is split up into 15 square puzzle pieces arranged in a 5×3 grid. When you gain a Mii via StreetPass, if they have pieces that you do not have, they give one to you and you can eventually complete a puzzle. One of these puzzles features the Samus model from Metroid Other M. After the puzzle is complete, you can view the model in 3D, which lets you zoom and rotate around it in real-time. Metroid characters also appear in puzzles for Super Smash Bros. and Ultra NES Remix.


Catherine (PS3, Xbox360) 2011

An unconfirmed reference can be seen in the kooky but deep, block-pushing, puzzle-platformer/relationship management game, Catherine. During the game, you can chat with people in a local bar which the main character, Vincent, goes to while hanging out with friends. Talking to these barflies allows you to gain insight into the game’s story. One of the characters is named Justin Bailey, whose name remarkably coincides with the Suitless Samus Password from the original Metroid. It’s unknown if the name is a direct reference to Metroid or that the developers of the game just thought the name sounded good, but it’s definitely a strange coincidence. You can read more about Justin Bailey via the Catherine Wiki.


Escape From Puppy Death Factory (Any Flash-Enabled Web Browser) 2011

The moment you see the loading screen, you will instantly know: Arthur Lee’s Escape From Puppy Death Factory is a love letter to the Metroid series. The game’s main protagonist is Laika Ludryavka, code-named “K9”, (A play on name of the first animal that orbited the earth) a cybernetic dog in an all-too-familiar looking power suit with a cannon, on a mission to save her cute puppy bretheren, who have been kidnapped, er, dognapped. The game’s references to the Metroid series are rampant. When you start a new game, an ominous voice says “The last puppies are in captivity…SET THEM FREE.” When her ship, MUTTNIK, lands on the planet’s rainy surface, you should be in quite familiar territory. The game also has very clear musical references to the series soundtracks and true Metroid fans should definitely be able to take notice.


The gameplay in EFPDF is very Metroid-esque, but fortunately strays far from a traditional Metroid game, allowing it to set itself apart without fear from being labeled as a “rip off.” Instead of running around, blasting enemies, and collecting powerups to progress futher, K9 uses her cannon to instantly swap herself with equally-sized objects or blocks in order to proceed. It becomes more of a puzzle-based game than an action-adventure, but it is also set in an open world. Metroid references aside, EFPDF is still an excellent flash game and one of the best you can find among Adult Swim’s sea of game titles. Try to collect all 31 puppies for the best ending!


Bloodline: Champions (Windows) 2011

Stunlock Studios’ Bloodline: Champions is a free-to-play, online PvP game. One of their newest characters is called the Metal Warden. The Metal Warden falls into the “tank” archetype (high damage/health, low mobility), sports immense shoulderpads and a large arm cannon (designated on her right arm), and is also undeniably sexy. Other than being female, she has a few things about her that are so similar to Samus that it’s too close to be a coincidence.


The Metal Warden can not only shoot but charge her beam shots, do a high-jump attack, and can even roll into a ball (called the “Magnetic Orb”) to attack her opponents. The VO in the embedded video even uses the word “morph” to describe the ball attack. The Metal Warden’s affinity, however, is one based on molten metal, which allows it to fit within the realm of the fantasy-based universe of Bloodline:Champions. She’s essentially the closest anyone could be to Samus in this game, and we have no problems with that. Watch the video below for the full run down!


Mighty Switch Force! (3DS) 2011

In the puzzle-platformer, Mighty Switch Force!, a downloadable 3DS eShop title, you take on the role of Patricia Wagon, a female robot cop on a mission to re-capture the escaped Hooligan girls. We know the developers at Wayforward are big Metroid fans (one of them being Konjak, who did the sprite animations), and they have given a couple nods to the series in this game. When Patricia loses her 3 hearts and dies, her uniform beams off of her to reveal her underwear along with her death scream. This animation sequence is very reminiscent of Samus’s death from Super Metroid.

Also of note is when you beat the final level of the game, you get a revealing ending that shows Patricia once again in her undies. Thanks for the fanservice, Wayforward!


Pushmo (3DS) 2011

In the puzzle-platformer, Pushmo, a downloadable 3DS eShop title from Intelligent Systems, the hero Mallo must climb over puzzles to reach children trapped at the top. One of the last puzzles unlocked in this game is Samus’s sprite from the original Metroid.


Kiki Trick (Wii) 2012 (Japan only)

One of the last games released for the Wii, is from Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto. Kiki Trick is an audio training game where players are forced to test hearing in a variety of circumstances. One game features three different video clips played simultaneously while one audio track matches one of the videos. One selection features clips from TennisSuper Mario Kart, and Super Metroid.




Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) 2012

The Komayto (aka Kometo, meaning “little Metroid”) makes its triumphant return in the newly released 3DS title, Kid Icarus: Uprising! Uprising even draws attention to the similarities between the Metroids and Komayto’s, leading to this amusing converstation between Pit, and the Goddess of Nature, Viridi.


Pit: You know, Komaytos look an awful lot like little Metroids.
Viridi: No! Shhh! Stop right there!
Pit: What’s the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-
Viridi: Hmm hmm HMMMM hmm! I can’t HEAR you!
Pit: Hey, what’s your problem?
Viridi: This game universe and that game universe have NOTHING to do with each other! So don’t go around spreading rumors!

Uprising also has a mode where you can use special AR cards in a battle game. There are cards for every type of enemy. The Komayto card looks like this:


Furthermore, Uprising also features a special Samus reference. Gaol, the second boss in the game is covered in a heavy suit of magical armour and is always referred to as a man. Once defeated, Gaol’s armour is destroyed and a beautiful woman resembling Samus from Super Metroid is revealed.

Dynasty Warriors Vs. (3DS) 2012

In this 3DS installment of the long running Dynasty Warriors series, Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have collaborated once again! This time, costumes based off of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Zero Suit Samus from Metroid: Other M appear for use on your custom general.


Guild Wars 2 (PC) 2012

In the MMO Guild Wars 2, a title from NCsoft, our favourite winged Space Pirate commander makes an appearance on the Smash Brawler badge.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Wii U) 2012

In the fighting game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a Wii U title from Namco Bandai Games, the cast of Tekken have some new Smash Bros. themed costumes. One of the costumes available is the Zero Suit from Metroid: Other M.


Mighty Switch Force!: Hyper Drive Edition (Wii U) 2012

In this HD enhanced port of the original 3DS game from Wayforward one additional Metroid reference has been added to the game. By collecting all of the Ugly Secret Babies and completing all of the levels, a new costume called Gym Clothes Patty in available. This costume is clearly based on the Zero Suit and Justin Bailey outfits from the Metroid series.


Club Nintendo Picross (3DS) 2012 (Japan only)

In 2012 Nintendo and Jupiter released, Club Nintendo Picross, a downloadable 3DS game for Japanese Club Nintendo members. One of the puzzles in the game is based on Samus Aran.






Nintendoji (DSiWare) 2013 (Japan only)

Nintendoji is a special game created by Groundings Inc. for members of the Japanese Club Nintendo who earned platinum status in 2012. The game requires the hero Nintendoji to venture into dungeons to retrieve items from famous Nintendo games. When completing the thirty third dungeon, Samus’s Helmet and the Morph Ball are acquired. 

Tomodachi Life (3DS) 2013

Tomodachi Life is a 3DS game from Yoshio Sakamoto and his team at SPD. One of the items you can give your Miis is a Wii U system, and one of the games played is Metroid Blast from NintendoLand. Another game played is Game & Wario, also from Yoshio Sakamoto.

Guacamelee! (Multi) 2013

In the Super Metroid inspired indie game Guacamelee!, from Drinkbox Studios, multiple reference can be found in the game. First off massive Metroid shaped statues can be found in the overworld.


In addition to the Metroids, numerous Chozo States can be found holding power ups for the heroes to acquire. In this game, the statues are called Choozo Statues. Guacamelee! also features many other references to various other games including The Legend of Zelda and MegaMan.



The Wonderful 101 (Wii U) 2013


In Platinum Games title The Wonderful 101, the horrible Geathjerk invaders are led by the cunning Jergingha, a massive brain inside a container, resembling a certain final boss from the Metroid series. Jergingha eventually grows a body, but this is more human like than Mother Brain’s beastly body from Super Metroid. As an interesting note, director Hideki Kamiya originally wanted Nintendo characters to star in the game, so Jergingha may have been Mother Brain at one point, but this is only speculation.


Besides Jirgingha, there is also one small passing reference. Immorta is a supporting character who gives her support to the Wonderful 100, and she is also a member of the Galactic Federation Police, like Samus’s early origin story.


Teslagrad (Multi) 2013

In the indie game Teslagrad, from Rain Games, one reference can be found in the game. In one of the levels, a bird statue shaped closely to the Chozo Statues from Super Metroid can be found holding an item.

In addition to the statue, Samus’s helmet can be found resting on a bookshelf!


 Infinity Blade III (IOS) 2013

In the Appstore game Infinity Blade, from Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, a couple references can be found in the game. One of the collectible armour sets for the character Isa is called Metroid, and features a helmet named Samus. The other playable character named Siris has a similar helmet named Aran.


Raze 3 (Browser) 2014

In Raze 3 an online arena shooter from Armor Games, many different armour styles can be unlocked in the game. One of the unlockable outfits is called the Power Suit and is clearly based off of Samus’s armour.


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) 2014

In the second Donkey Kong game from Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios, more throwbacks to the Metroid series are present. In the level Busted Bayou, Samus’s gunship can be seen lying in the trees in the background.

There is also a second reference found in level 6-7 Frozen Frenzy. At the very start of this level, the Main Dynamo from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes appears after appearing in the factory world from Donkey Kong Country Returns. This time the Kongs must activate the Dynamo to restore power to the frozen over factory.

The game’s third and final Metroid reference was found four years after the game’s release. It can be found in level 4-3, Amiss Abyss.

  1. A little ways past the first checkpoint you’ll swim past a sign with a green arrow on it that looks remarkably similar to the Speed Booster symbol.  Swim past the sign and go up the tunnel until it ends.
  2. Immediately turn around and go back down through the tunnel. You’ll notice that there are now jellyfish swimming in it that you’ll need to avoid. You’ll then come to a wall of electric anemone that you’ll have to take damage and swim through as you’re given temporary invincibility. Once you’re through, you’ll see a few fish swimming upward in the background. After the fish, you’ll see a metroid swimming along behind them!

NES Remix 2 (Wii U) 2014


In the second NES Remix game from Super Mario 3D World developer EAD Tokyo, Metroid is featured as one of the sixteen games remixed. Darren from Shinesparkers recorded these videos of the minigames in action and allowed us to share them on the site.

NES Remix 2 Metroid Music

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) 2014

In the eighth entry of the long running Mario Kart series, Samus is finally given her due as a collectible costume for the Mii racers. By using the Samus amiibo sold alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, players can obtain an exclusive Samus themed costume.




Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2 (Wii U, Switch) 2014

In the Wii U port of Bayonetta from Platinum Games, many different Nintendo themed costumes can be found in the game. Bayonetta can wear a costume based on Samus’s powersuit from the original Metroid named, “Galactic Bounty Hunter”. When wearing the costume, Bayonetta fires similar shots to the NES game. Director Yusuke Hashimoto revealed that this costume was included because Metroid was one of Hideki Kamiya’s favourite Nintendo games from the Famicom era. Originally, costume designer Yong-Hee Cho used Samus’s modern suit as his inspiration, but Hideki Kamiya ordered him to make the costume based off of Samus’s classic look from Metroid.

The Galactic Bounty Hunter costume returns in the Nintendo produced Bayonetta 2 alongside the other Nintendo costumes. Exclusive to Bayonetta 2 however is when Bayonetta uses her Panther Within ability, she enters the Morph Ball and can drop bombs on enemies. Bayonetta can also perform a Screw Attack when double jumping and charge her arm canon just like Samus.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (Wii U) 2014

The fourth Nintendo produced Fatal Frame game features Nintendo themed costumes as per tradition, but this time they are exclusive to the western version of the game. Lead heroine, Yuri Kozukata gets a costume based off Samus’s zero suit as it appeared in Metoid: Other M, while her co-star Miu Hinasaki gets a costume based off of Zelda’s armour from Hyrule Warriors. An interesting bit of trivia is that Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja development team was involved in the development of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black WaterMetroid: Other M, and Hyrule Warriors.

Club Nintendo Picross Plus (3DS) 2014 (Japan only)

In 2014 Nintendo and Jupiter released, Club Nintendo Picross Plus, a downloadable 3DS game for Japanese Club Nintendo members who achieved Platinum Rank in the 2014 Club Nintendo year. One of the early puzzles in the game is based off of the Energy Tanks from Metroid: Zero Mission. The game is just released, so there are probably other Metroid themed puzzles in the game. If you have any screenshots or knowledge of any other puzzles please, LET US KNOW!

Nintendo Badge Arcade (3DS) 2014

In late 2014 Nintendo released, Nintendo Badge Arcade, a downloadable free to play 3DS game inspired by crane arcade machines. Each arcade machine features different collectible badges based off of old and new Nintendo games such as Super Mario Bros.Fire Emblem: Fates, and Splatoon. The Metroid themed badge sets are perhaps the most interesting because they feature sprites from Metroid, as well as a pair of badges featuring Isabelle from Animal Crossing wearing Samus’s Varia Suit!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) 2014

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate from Capcom features many crossovers from other game franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. Naturally, Metroid is also featured as a crossover. Billed as “Metroid: Other M X Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”, a free DLC quest will allow players to equip their hunters with armour based off of the Power Suit and Zero Suit as they were featured in Metroid: Other M. Players can also equip their hunter with a bowgun designed to look like Samus’s armcanon from Other M. Players who participate will also get two spiffy Guild Cards based off of Super Metroid.




One Piece Super Grand Battle X (3DS) 2014

In this fighting game from Bandai Namco based on the massively popular manga series One Piece, characters can unlock special Nintendo costumes when amiibos are scanned into the game. When the Samus amiibo is scanned in, Nico Robin will wear Samus’s Varia Suit and change her hairstyle to match Samus’s. We will an upload a screenshot when one becomes available.

Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble + (3DS) 2015

In the enhanced port of Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble amiibo support has been added to the game which unlocks a number of Nintendo themed paint jobs for your fighters. When using the Samus amiibo, players earn a beautiful dark blue paint job for the YF-23 featuring Samus’s artwork from Metroid: Other M and the Metroid logo.

amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits (Wii U) 2015

A free game which shows off a blend of classic Nintendo games from the NES and SNES, when the any amiibo is used the player unlocks one of 30 random games included. Both Metroid and Super Metroid are in the game, but there is no guarantee that the Samus or Zero Suit Samus amiibos will unlock them.

Yoshi’s Wooly World (Wii U) 2015

Yoshi’s Wooly World is also features a Samus cameo via Amiibo. Scan your Samus amibo while playing, and Yoshi will turn into a wooly Samus Yoshi! Scanning in the Zero Suit Samus amiibo will also unlock a Zero Suit themed Yoshi!

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) 2015

Super Mario Maker features 100 different costumes that Mario can obtain, either by completing the 100 Mario Challenge, or by scanning select amiibo. Mario is able is to obtain two costumes that let him transform into Samus or Zero Suit Samu

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (3DS) 2015

When using a Samus amiibo, players can unlock two special garments, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of boots based off of Samus and Zero Suit Samus designs.


Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash (3DS) 2015

When using amiibo, Chibi-Robo can unlock special figures of himself doing the poses of famous Nintendo characters. When either the Samus or Zero Suit Samus amiibo are scanned, figure number 111 is unlocked.

The figure itself reads: Raised by the mysterious Chozo from a young age, she became an indomitable bounty hunter and intergalactic warrior. Every once in a while, she reveals her maternal side.

Doom (Multi) 2016

Doom from id Software and Bethesda Softworks features a mysterious looking creature who resembles a certain maniacal computer.