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How Metroid Dread evolved the series

Hey everyone, here is a video going over how Metroid Dread nailed the formula of the series to bring us yet another exciting title in our favorite franchise.
Once again want to extend my thanks to the MDB team for allowing me to share some of the videos, and I hope you all enjoy it.
– Orpheon

Solving Metroid Dread’s story mysteries

Hey there guys, just sharing a new video trying to solve some Dread’s many mysteries. Needless to say, none of it is official as its speculations from my perspective but I hope you enjoy watching it nonetheless

Unlocking Dread’s best endings – a guide for casuals

Hey guys, here is a new video going over a route my friends and I use to get the best endings in Metroid Dread. Nothing crazy like what you may see from speedruns, but something for newcomers or casual players who want some extra challenge and a new route to finish the game. Hope you enjoy!

Deciphering the Chozo Archives

The Chozo Archives in Metroid Dread may seem a little abstract on first glance, but in this video we discover that there may be a narrative telling us more about the past of ZDR. Hope you enjoy it! – Orpheon

Beginner’s guide to start with Metroid

Metroid Dread is almost here, so in case you want to jump into the series, here is a small video guide to help you out!

Metroid Dread – What we know so far!

Hello everyone, I have been making Metroid videos for some time now, and am extremely honored to be able to share some of my work on this great site.
I hope that I can entertain you all in the future with some videos about our favorite series! Thanks for watching.