Current Features

Description Date
Contest 4 The fourth annual contest asked fans to create an image that depicted the Metroid series in a new and interesting way, much different than what most people are used to. The Stylized Metroid Series contest results can be seen right here. This contest ran from 10/2012 - 1/2013.
Was there a Heroine Before Samus? We take a look at an old retro game to find the truth of who the First Lady of Gaming really was. Was There a Heroine Before Samus? looks at a long lost Nintendo game in hopes of finding this heroine, and what it means for Samus Aran. 2013
Recommended Games Looking for some other Metroid-esque games to whet your appetite? Our Recommended Games feature should help. Check out these hand-picked titles recommended by the MDb staff.
Fan For Life The tattoos of the Metroid franchise can be viewed in our very exclusive Fan for Life feature. Continuously updated by Infinity's End. 2007-
Cameos Samus and other Metroid-related characters have made cameo appearances in many other games outside of the Metroid franchise. Click here to see them all! 1996-
Beyond Zebes In our Beyond Zebes feature, we take a look at non-game related things that may (or may not) be a direct reference to our favorite video game series. 2003-

Archived Features

Description Date
True 3D: Volume 5 Get up close and personal with the seductive and astoundingly gorgeous Zero Suit Samus PVC statue in True 3D: Volume 5. 2012
True 3D: Volume 4 We take the new Samus Figma head-on in this rundown of the latest action figure of the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. True 3D: Volume 4 gives you the full scoop of this extremely flexible and beautiful figure. Don't miss it! 2012
Iwata Asks Translation Another exclusive translation for the Metroid Database. This time we bring you this long-lost Iwata Asks interview, originally released on February 29, 2008 on the official Japanese Nintendo website. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata discusses the ins and outs of Metroid Prime 3's Japanese development with Producers Kensuke Tanabe and Risa Tabata. 2012
Design-A-Samus Contest The Design-A-Samus Contest was the MDb's third annual contest, also coinciding with celebrating our 15th Anniversary. Nintendo redesigns Samus in seemingly every new Metroid title, so why let them have all the fun? We asked fans to redesign the heroine of the Metroid series in a new and interesting way. Check out all the winners and entries here. This contest ran from 10-16-11 to 12-23-11. 2011
Dev Interview - Metroid Prime and Fusion Originally published in Nintendo Dream in 2003 and then later placed on the official Japanese Prime & Fusion website, it is the MDb's exclusive translation of this interview with Metroid Chief Director Yoshio Sakamoto, Co-Producer Kensuke Tanabe, and music composer Kenji Yamamoto. 2011
Nintendo Dream Interview 1 This feature is the MDb's translation of an interview conducted in the September 2004 issue of Nintendo Dream magazine, a magazine that is similar to Nintendo Power in Japan. The interview talks with four major Nintendo employees as they reminisce about the days of development for that oft-forgotten, never-released-outside-of-japan hardware, the Famicom Disk System. 2011
Nintendo Dream Interview 2 Part II of our exclusive translation of the Nintendo Dream Article from 2004. The developers interviewed are Yoshio Sakamoto, Toru Osawa, Hiroji Kiyotake, and Kenji Yamamoto. 2011
Another Side Story Metroid Prime: Another Side Story is a retelling of the Metroid Prime series from a Space Pirate's perspective using log-style entries - or, in other words, it's a secret blog of a Space Pirate! We got the page up and running to look just like the old HTML site (now the Japanese Prime homepage is entirely in flash, so it looks a little different). 2011
Konjak Interview Our exclusive interview with the Swedish independent game designer, Joakim Sandberg, aka "Konjak." Konjak has just released a demo of a new game called The Iconoclasts, which draws heavy inspiration from the Metroid design scheme. Find out the ins and outs of what makes this amazing young developer tick. 2011
Metroid 64 Metroid 64, aka the "Holy Grail of Gaming" has finally been found! It was the one game we never got to play on the Nintendo 64, but always wished we had, and now it's been found! ...Well, sorta ;-) April 1st exclusive right here on the Metroid Database! 2011
Hayashi Interview At the 22nd annual A-kon held in Dallas, TX, Infinity's End was able to meet up and interview with Yosuke Hayashi, a director and producer for Tecmo's Team Ninja, but more well known amongst the Metroid community for his work on Metroid Other M. Hayashi-san talks about some details on Other M and his latest work, Ninja Gaiden 3. 2011
Design-An-Enemy Contest The Design-An-Enemy Contest was the MDb's second contest in its 14-year history. We asked fans to design an enemy that would fit into the Metroid franchise, as long as it wasn't a metroid or a redesign of an already known enemy. The possibilities were endless! See what the entrants came up with. The contest ran from 10-22-10 to 12-3-10. 2010
True 3D: Volume 3 In True 3D: Volume 3, guest editor silvernite8 has written up a great review for us on the recently-released Zero Suit Samus figure made by First 4 Figures. If you're considering buying this rare statuette, this review may help you decide whether it would be a worthy purchase. 2010
GDC 2010 Sakamoto Lecture Our very own Capcom was in attendance of Yoshio Sakamoto's GDC 2010 Lecture entitled, "From Metroid to Tomodachi Collection to WarioWare: Different Approaches for Different Audiences." He even got to meet the man himself. Check out all the details in this feature article! 2010
Make-A-Metroid Contest Celebrating its 13 years of being online, we at the MDb hosted our very first contest, Make-a-Metroid! View all the entries and see all the great prizes we had to offer! The contest ran from 11-1-09 to 12-31-09. 2009
Developer Profile: Yoshio Sakamoto For an in-depth look at the man who breathed life into Samus and her subsequent alien worlds, please check out this feature on Nintendo Director Yoshio Sakamoto. Written exclusively for the Metroid Database by Capcom. 2009
Translated FAQ Described as the "Metroid FAQ" on the Japanese Metroid Zero Mission website, we have translated this 4-page compilation of fan questions answered by Metroid Director, Yoshio Sakamoto. 2009
Developer Interview From the Japanese Super Metroid Strategy Guide, take a journey with us back to 1994 and read this incredible, one-of-a-kind interview with the development team of Super Metroid. This is a relic not to be missed! 2009
Fortune Teller Also from the Japanese Super Metroid Strategy Guide, Samus's strange dreams are read by famous Japanese fortune teller, Yuko ARIADNE. A very entertaining and interesting read for any Metroid fan! 2009
Samus Aran Interview We were able to interview the one and only Samus Aran! Well, not really, but this is the probably the closest we can get. Check out this QA session with Thais Jussim (aka Yuki) and her amazing recreation of the Varia Suit. 2009
Behind The Visor: Part 1 Samus Aran: The Woman Behind the Visor is a 5-page, critical theory essay on the star of the Metroid series. Written exclusively for the Metroid Database by Infinity's End. 2008
Dr. Octoroc Interview The MDb interviews Dr. Octoroc, an artist whose passion for gaming has led him to the realm of bead spriting and beyond. 2008
True 3D MDb's Capcom takes a good look at the Varia Suit Figure created by First 4 Figures in this feature review. 2008
Metroid Timeline The Metroid saga can be confusing to some, as the series is no stranger to plotholes and retcons. Thankfully, our thorough Timeline feature puts a lot of that to rest once and for all. 2007
Metroid Online Interview The MDb interviews Seraphim, the lead designer of Metroid Online, a mod for Halo on PC. 2007
True 3D TJ reviews the now-rare Samus Aran action figure - the first of its kind. Take a gander at his professional-quality photographs of the figure created by JoyRide. 2003

Historical Features

Description Date
TJ's Recommended Games If you like Metroid and you're looking for some more fun, TJ's Recommended Games feature may help those who are new to gaming discover some other great franchises. 1996-
Metroid Vs. Alien Metroid Vs. Alien is a comparative feature showing exactly how similiar the game series is with the classic Hollywood sci-fi series. 1996-
Dan Owsen Interview Dan Owsen is the lucky man who provided his voice for the intro of Super Metroid and snagged the coolest job ever -- Nintendo product testing. This historical interview should not be missed! 1998
Out With The Old TJ looks back on his past accomplishments in Out With the Old, and explains the growth and history of the #1 Metroid website on the internet. 2002
MDb Anniversaries The Metroid Database has been around for over a decade and counting! Many of its birthdays were celebrated on the front page. Here is a compilation of them. 1997-
MDb Headers Take a look at all the headers that the MDb has used in its headlines over the years. 2002-