Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 64 Metroid Music


Super Smash Bros. brough back Samus Aran to fight with and alongside Nintendo's other stars in a groundbreaking brawler, and included the most recognizable themes of each character, arranged by Hirokazu Ando. For Samus, Ando-san chose "Brinstar" from the original Metroid, giving it upbeat, jaunty notes that rise and fall to match the bubbling tides of acid that periodically bathe the battlefield. SSB's music was later released in Japan on the album Nintendo Allstar! Dairantou Smash Bros. Original Soundtrack, which also included a collection of the game's SFX. Included here are rips from the game's sound data, along with the album version of the music and Samus's SFX (available also as individual WAV files).

Title MP3 Size FLAC Size Length
Planet Zebes Stage (Game Rip) 3.2MB 2:03
Samus Victory (Game Rip) 305kb 0:08
Planet Zebes Stage (Album) 3.0MB 13MB 2:04
Samus SFX Collection (From Album) 1.3MB 3.2MB 2:04
Samus SFX WAVs (Zip) 3.8MB