Metroid Prime Pinball SoundtrackMetroid Prime Pinball did a fantastic job of taking Metroid Prime's high-quality soundtrack and shrinking it down to the DS. With the exception of the wrecked ship theme, all the best tracks from Prime are here, along with "Hunters" from Echoes in the form of the "Multiball" theme, itself an arrange of the green Brinstar theme from Super. However, most of the tracks have been shortened due to the smaller storage capacity of a DS cartridge, but enough of the main melody remains to provide an enjoyable listen. In the case of "VS. Thardus", additional material has also been added, perhaps unused ideas.

The arrangements get the most out of the DS sound chip to make up for , such as "Space Pirate Panic", which makes excellent use of dynamic drum synths, and "Battle Theme 2", which has some great metallic percussion. However, arranges of tracks such as "Magmoor" and "Phendrana Drifts" illustrate the limitations of the DS all too well, coming out in heavily buzzing MIDI rumbles or airy, wavering wisps. However, Kenji Yamamoto and Masaru Tajima also made use of streamed audio with "Phazon Mines ~ Impact Crater", "VS. Omega Pirate", and the amazing "Space Pirate Frigate" theme, which is a full-blown rock arrange of "Brinstar" from the original Metroid and by far the best track in the game. It was later arranged for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The recorded audio sounds fantastic on the DS, especially the guitars in "Space Pirate Frigate".


No. Title Size Length
Download all 34 tracks in one zip as MP3 55.9MB 42:20
01 Title 1.7MB 1:17
02 Menu 896k 0:34
03 Samus Appearance Jingle 250k 0:09
04 Space Pirate Frigate (Brinstar) 4.2MB 3:28
05 Battle Theme 1 ~ Parasite Purge, Burrower Bash (VS. Hive Totem) 1.7MB 1:13
06 Space Pirate Panic (VS. Space Pirates) 1.9MB 1:16
07 Hurry Up! 374k 0:13
08 Extra Ball 182k 0:05
09 Tallon Overworld 4.4MB 3:07
10 Battle Theme 2 ~ Shriekbat Shootout, Triclops Terror, Beetle Blast (VS. Giant Beetle) 2.1MB 1:26
11 Metroid Mania 2.0MB 1:20
12 Multiball ~ Hunters 2.5MB 1:49
13 Jackpot 149k 0:03
14 Wall Jump Mode (Hall of the Elders) 1.3MB 0:54
15 Artifact Obtainment Jingle 176k 0:04
16 Multiplayer Menu ~ Magmoor 6.3MB 4:31
17 Phendrana Drifts 2.8MB 2:00
18 Item Obtainment Jingle 256k 0:09
19 VS. Thardus 4.2MB 3:05
20 Ambience 860k 0:38
21 Phazon Mines ~ Impact Crater 668k 0:38
22 VS. Omega Pirate 700k 0:32
23 All Artifacts Collected 237k 0:09
24 Boss Defeated ~ Item Room, Options Menu 826k 0:37
25 Artifact Temple 2.9MB 2:00
26 VS. Meta Ridley 1.5MB 1:01
27 Artifact Temple Completed ~ Cradle Activated 336k 0:12
28 VS. Metroid Prime (Spider) 2.6MB 2:05
29 VS. Metroid Prime (Head) 2.9MB 2:16
30 Ending Staff Roll 3.5MB 2:26
31 Record of Samus 4.2MB 2:48
32 Unknown Jingle 1 147k 0:03
33 Unknown Jingle 2 149k 0:03
34 Mission Over 105k 0:11