Metroid: Other M


A collaborative effort between Tecmo's Team Ninja and Nintendo called "Project M," Metroid: Other M is the latest game in the Metroid universe. The interquel is set between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, and chronicles the events that took place between the two games. It will also shed some light on the backstory of Samus Aran.

The Metroid: Other M section of the MDb is in development; content to be added as it becomes available.

Wii Wii
09.02.10 (JP) | 08.31.10 (US)
09.03.10 (EU) | 09.02.10 (AU)
Wii U WiiU eShop
12.08.16 (JP) | 12.08.16 (US)
12.08.16 (EU) | 12.08.16 (AU)
Also Playable On:
Wii U