A “CatMechtroidvania” is what Indie developer Doinksoft is calling its upcoming game, Gato Roboto. This charming, monochromatic game stars a cat named Kiki in a mech-suit (or without it!) trying to make its way through an underground labyrinth to save its stranded captain. The gameplay has you balancing two modes of play (suit & suitless) in order to progress through the stages. Exiting your mech enhances your agility, giving you access to hard to reach areas, at the cost of enhanced vulnerability. The chibi take on Samus’ Power Armor, with its massive pauldrons & signature arm cannon, appears to be just one of various mechs that Kiki can take control of.

Gato Roboto looks like an admiring nod to 8-bit NES Classics, Metroid & Blaster Master, with a bit of Cave Story thrown in the mix. Gato Roboto will be available on Steam & Nintendo Switch on May 30, 2019!