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Samus and Joey: Metroid Extreme (English)
Metroid EX is finally here! This "Extreme" manga continues the adventures of the Samus and Joey saga and is essentially "Volume 4." This rare manga is only found through the pages of Comic Bom Bom and was never collected into a single volume like the other three, which makes it incredibly difficult to find. It ran from May 2004 through April 2005 and was drawn by the illustrious manga artist Idzuki Kouji.
After Greed, a creature of the same species as Ridley, stole Samus's suit upgrades using the Dominion device, Samus, Joey, and Diesel embark on a quest to retrieve them in the Extreme Galaxy and restore Samus back to full power. However, Greed has given Samus's upgrades to each of his most trusted henchmen known as the Deadly Six Stars. Find out the stunning conclusion to this EXTREMELY rare piece of Metroid history, exclusively on the Metroid Database!

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