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American Sites

Metroid Virtual Console (NOA Page)
Super Metroid Virtual Console (NOA Page)
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (NOA Page)
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Archived Website)
Metroid Prime Trilogy (NOA Page)
Metroid: Other M (NOA Page)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl official site (English)

European Sites

Metroid Fusion Official Site
Metroid Prime Official Site
Metroid Zero Mission Metroid Prime Hunters Official Site
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Official Site
Metroid: Other M Official Site

Japanese Sites

NCL's Metroid II page
NCL's Super Metroid page
NCL's Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion page
NCL's Metroid Zero Mission page
NCL's Metroid Prime 2 page
NCL's Metroid Prime Hunters page
NCL's Metroid Prime Pinball page
NCL's Metroid Prime 3 page
NCL's Smash Bros. Melee page
Metroid E-Manga Sampler: Vol 1 Vol 2

Chinese Sites

iQue's Metroid Fusion page
iQue's Metroid Zero Mission page
iQue's Super Smash Bros. page


These are other Metroid sites that contribute something unique to Metroid fandom and offer things you can't find even on the mighty MDb.

Metroid 2002 Created in 2002, M2k2 is an in-depth Metroid fan site focusing on speed runs, strategies, and glitches of every Metroid title.
The Metroid II Secret Worlds Created by the MDb's programmer Jesse D, M2SW is a site that shows you how to gain access to glitchy rooms in Metroid II on GameBoy.
Metroid Construction A hacking resource with a dedicated forum for help and assistance dealing primarily with fan hacks of the 2D Metroid games.
Metroid Cubed Metroid 1 recreated in pseudo-3D using voxels.
Metroid Fan Mission A site dedicated to Metroid fangames and fansprites.
Metroid Galaxy Guide An encyclopedia of the enemies and the worlds encountered in the Metroid universe.
Metroid Headquarters A fan site with fan games and a dedicated forum community.
Metroid Map Station A compilation of custom-made maps of the 2D games. This page also features maps for Super Metroid hacks.
Metroid Metal The ultimate amalgamation of Metroid music fused with the rock metal genre.
Metroid Recon Metroid's home for fans in the land down under.
Planet Zebeth - Metroid Sprite Comics A long-running sprite comic using the sprites from NES Metroid.
Project AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) A fan-made remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus using sprites and graphics from Metroid Zero Mission.
Shinesparkers UK-based Shinesparkers provides Metroid fans with news, interviews and other custom content in a blog-style format.
Super Metroid Speed Demos Archive Archives of videos from the fastest speed runs of Super Metroid.
Wikitroid The most in-depth wiki encyclopedia found online dedicated to everything that is Metroid.


These sites focus entirely on the Metroidvania genre.

Metroidvania.com Ran by Jeremy Parish, the alleged "inventor" of the word
A Metroidvania Website Mostly a list of every known Metroidvania
Metroidvanias An up to date tumblr of Metroidvanias, both indie & mainstream


|tsr's NES Archive
Nintendo Database
Nintendo World Report
The Nintendo Information Repository
The Wiire


These are sites dedicated to specific games or series.
Organized by the name of the game or series they represent.

Hardcore Gaming 101 Kurt Kalata's amazing collection of videogame information
Blaster Master Underground
CastleVania Dungeon
Contra HQ
Double Dragon Dojo
Dragon's Lair Project
The Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior Shrine Dragon Quest/Warrior series
Final Fantasy Insider
The Ghoul Realm Ghosts 'n' Goblins
Gradius Home World
Gunstar Heroes page on FlatBatteries.com
Kid Icarus Shrine
Kirby's Rainbow Resort
Mappy Mecca
Mega Man Homepage
Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial Site
Metal Slug Database
Starmen.net Mother/Earthbound series
Ninja Fortress Ninja Gaiden series
Junker HQ - Policenauts, Snatcher, and Metal Gear coverage
Phred's Cool Punch-Out!! Homepage
River City High School Samurai Shodown Forever
Sonic Stadium Sonic the Hedgehog series
Space Invaders
West Mansion: The Splatterhouse Homepage
The Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario series
Tekken Zaibatsu
Turrican SETA
Zelda Dungeon One of the best Zelda sites on the internet
Zelda Legends Another great Zelda site, largely due to its comprehensive image gallery


These sites cover entire genres of games.

RPGamer Console Role Playing Games
SHMUPS! Scrolling shootemups
Shoryuken.com Capcom fighters and competition


These sites are devoted to a single videogame console.

Game & Watch Central
PCEngineFX.com PC Engine, TurboGrafx, Duo, PC-FX
SwanSong - The WonderSwan Site
Sega-16 Sega Genesis, Sega CD, 32X


ClassicGaming MDb's home for 13 years!
Atari Gaming Headquarters
Classic Videogames Nexus
History of Home Videogames Homepage
Digital Press
Atari Guide The most complete free source for Atari 2600 information anywhere.
IGDA Game Preservation Information on classic game preservation, including a developers' Memorials page headed by the MDb's own Capcom.
Yokoi in Credits


The Escapist
Famitsu.com (JAPANESE)
GameFAQs User-made, .txt-based walkthroughs for every game imaginable.
Game Rankings A Metacritic-like site that averages the game reviews found online for a final score.
Gamasutra The Art & Business of Making Games
Games Industry.biz A high-caliber site, dedicated to the business of the industry.
Game Trailers The latest and greatest AAA game trailers
MobyGames Find full staff credits and information on almost every game out there.
Nintendo World Report A great Nintendo-specific news site; one of the oldest, too.
Polygon The Video Game Museum
KLOV: The Killer List of Video Games
Video Gaming 247


Chudah's Corner
Game Music Revolution
Mars Colony Music
Overclocked Remix One of the longest-running and largest video game remixes site on the web.
Slightly Dark
Soundtrack Central


National Console Support


List of websites the MDb used to link to but have gone to the Internet graveyard. You may still be able to dig up archived versions of these old sites from the Internet Archive.
[NOTE: If these pages have moved, please let us know!]


NOA's Metroid Fusion official site
NOA's Metroid Zero Mission official site
NOA's Metroid Prime official site
"Hidden" Metroid Prime official site
NOA's Metroid Prime 2: Echoes official site
NOA's Metroid Prime Hunters official site
NOA's Metroid Prime Pinball official site
Metroid.EU Formerly Norfair Depths
Metroid Galaxy (GieGie's)
Pocket Metroid
Samus Fan Club (Japanese)
Planet Zebes


Cosmic Fantasy Homepage
Final Fantasy Classic (FFI)
Kid Icarus Coliseum
American Policenauts Homepage
Ben's Punch-Out!! Home Page
Snatcher Sanctuary