Happy New Year, everyone!

We have officially launched our new storefront, courtesy of our new store host, Shopify. You can find the URL at https://metroid-database.myshopify.com/

And for the record, yes re-stock on many of our items are coming very soon, thank you for your patience while we wait for them to be manufactured. We should have the stock in no later than the end of the month.


As it stands, you can no longer purchase items from our Storenvy shop or through their marketplace. I’d love to explain to you why I made this decision, but before your eyes begin to glaze over:

TL;DR: their discount/coupon system was incredibly broken, and I had to pay $5 just to offer y’all discounts/coupon codes.

That’s right – in order to be a successful online business (tons of sales were driven through our discounts and coupons throughout the year) I had to pay a fee just for that service. $5 / mo. may not be much, ($60 a year) – but how about you offer it free for something that is relatively necessary for a small business to make any headway at all? Oh, I can get this same service for free, and it’s not completely broken over at Shopify? Well then, buhbye Storenvy! It’s been real.


So here’s the details of why Storenvy’s coupon system is broken. (this is only one example)

  1. Let’s say I created a discount “coupon code” for any item in the store. That coupon was for $1 off an item.
  2. When creating the coupon, if you chose “dollar off,” it would display the discounted price along with a new price with a strikethrough the old price on each product listing. If I wanted to pick multiple products to also have that discount, it would also show that discounted amount above the price of each listing.
  3. Scenario: a customer goes to our store and chooses to put 1 of each of the discounted items in their cart – assuming, as most people logically would, that each product they added would offer a $1 off discount. But nooooo that’s not what Storenvy does. Instead, their dumb discount system is SPLIT ACROSS THE ENTIRE CART!!! Not added! If I wanted 3 items in the shop to be $1 off, if I put those 3 items in my cart, it would NOT give you $3 off as it should, instead it would give you $0.33 off for 2 and $0.34 for 1. IT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! 


The reason it does this is because Storenvy’s (absolutely batshit crazy) cart system only allows *ONE* discount per sale. Just facepalmingly, head-desking type of shit here, folks. And yes, of COURSE I took this up with their support department. In their eyes, absolutely nothing is wrong with their system – working as intended. Several emails later, I gave up. Not worth the effort. If people want to be so blind to the absolute incredible shortsightedness of this system, then you deserve it.


In the end, our new storefront – powered by Shopify – is gorgeous, works great, and best of all for you, it allows me to offer you discounts on multiple items without dealing with the incredibly broken discount system that Storenvy offers. The only downside is Shopify is $30/month. I am biting the bullet on this because you deserve a better system. We all do. And Storenvy ain’t it.