New hacker on the scene P0ZN0 has released a brand new hack recently called Super Mochtroid.

On occasion we like to show off some hacks that are special, and the reason you may be interested in this one is because Samus’s proportions have been given the Super treatment:

Which also means she can now crouch.

Yes, you read right – crouching / kneeling is now a thing in Metroid 1.

P0ZN0 has done amazing things to the original game but overall, the level design remains almost completely in-tact.


Here’s a few other of the incredible quality of life changes he’s done to the game:

  • Additional frames for smoother running animation.
  • Crouching function for single tile-high shooting.
  • Somersaulting ends upon contact with the ground rather than jump origin.
  • Bombs can be placed at anytime during bomb jumps.
  • Adjusted areas to fit samus.
  • Some physics changes.
  • Most enemies don’t update as you are going through doors. (No more unfair rinkas)
  • Minibosses are now larger with a new look as well.
  • Ridley fight was overhauled.
  • Ice beam functions much like it did in super metroid.
  • Beam overhaul: beam combo with overall damage adjustments. (Missiles aren’t instakill)
  • Noss health adjusted with this change.
  • New ending sprites.

Not to mention there’s also new Suitless Samus sprites as well!

So if you were ever interested in playing Metroid 1 with a Super-sized Samus, give Super Mochtroid a shot. Thanks for making such an awesome hack, P0ZN0!

Note: The Metroid Database will not provide assistance for acquiring or patching game ROMs.