Nintendo’s marketing sure has kept us on our toes this time around. And it feels great. This new report details the areas and creatures/enemies which reside there.

From the report, there are at least six areas to be traversed on ZDR. They are:

  • Artaria (Rocky intro area)
  • Cataris (Power site, fueled by magma)
  • Dairon (Biological research site)
  • Burenia (Underwater research site)
  • Ghavoran (Underground forest)
  • Ferenia (Abandoned Chozo city!)


The report details what to expect from these harsh environments as well as the attacks of each of the creatures that reside there. Unless you want to find all of this out for yourself, head on over to the page.



Dread Report Vol. 8, North American version

Dread Report Vol. 8, Japanese version


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