Hey folks, another year down. I’d like to first start off by giving a big special thanks to our banner artist, Cryophase (FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER! or CHECK OUT THEIR DA PAGE!). In case you didn’t know, Cryophase also drew some beautiful arts for our Bestiary like this adorable Lumite, and everyone’s favorite prophetic mothman.

<Download the banner for a wallpaper here! (1920×1080)>


Secondly I have some big news! We’ve finally added a new editor to our staff – RueCortina – who’ll simply be known as Rue – has been a big fan of the site for quite some time and he is super excited to contribute to the site as well as help us convert a lot of our old content back into this new format. Congratulations to Rue, I hope he serves the MDb well.


I don’t have much else to say other than I’m super hyped for MP4 despite the lack of any new information on the subject. But you know we’ll be screaming it from the mountaintops the second we have even the tiniest crumb of development progress on the game. In the meantime, we all have Smash Ultimate to keep us busy, which will contain the largest amount of Metroid representatives from any Smash in history! I think that’s saying a lot, frankly. Metroid’s come a long way and I think it’s about time Nintendo started treating it as a first-tier series, instead of constantly taking a backseat to Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon. It’s all proven by the amount of merch Nintendo decides to make. (C’mon people throw us a bone – tshirts and keychains are great and all, but how about something actually COOL like a light up Switch dock ? Maybe they’re waiting for Prime 4 to actually come out…)


And before I forget, huge thanks to our awesome social media editors, Sagi, Lillith, and Matt for their continued work throughout the year! You are all awesome and I appreciate your contributions and help so much! <3