The Metroid Database staff is looking to add on a new site editor! Please be aware of these qualifications before you submit your application:
Note: This is a volunteer-based, non-paid position. 
You are 100% the following:
  • Deeply familiar with all Metroid games
  • Able to fairly and maturely assess video game content with eloquence and poise.
  • Able to research (investigate and fact-check content) before making posts and respectfully link to and cite sources.
  • Have plenty of spare time and willing to be dedicated to make major contributions to the Metroid community.
  • Focus mostly spent on adding posts and other content to our primary website. (Social media sites are optional)
  • Conduct yourself in a way that is befitting of our site.
Job Requirements:
  • Have access to your own computer, smartphone, and internet (If you don’t have all of these, this is a deal breaker).
  • Native English writers/speakers preferred. Applicants in US/Canada will be considered before others. (This is mostly due to time zones)
  • Own multiple consoles and regularly purchase your own video games. (Nintendo Switch and/or 3DS should be bare minimum)
  • Able and willing to communicate with other staff members regularly using a mic and/or webcam. (Discord is the primary means of direct communication)
  • Have accounts and familiarity with social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and Twitch.
  • 18 and over, High School graduate. (21+ preferred)
  • Know basics of HTML and CSS.
  • Good writing skills (grammar, spelling, and prose) are highly preferable.
  • Familiarity with CMS (WordPress) for adding new content to the site.
Preferred but not necessary qualifications:
  • Know how to add WP plugins and manage backend processes
  • Photoshop or image editing skills & experience
  • Video editing/Premiere or After Effects skills & experience
Interested parties should submit a 200-500 word statement as to why you’re a good fit for the position. Email with the subject line “MDb Site Editor.” Note: Photos/proof of your Metroid fandom will only help to pad your application.
Thanks to any applicants! If you seem like a good match, we will be in touch.